Faces Canada Magneteyes Kajal Review (5) Faces Canada Magneteyes Kajal Review

I am such a huge fan of eye pencils and eye liners, maybe because they are my first ever memories of makeup. When I was a kid, I use to steal my mom’s kajal and try applying it like my mom did. Some guilty pleasure….Anyways, today I am going to review a Kajal Pencil by Faces. It’s called the Magneteyes Kajal Pencil – how I love these innovative names that companies come up with!! This one is launched by Faces on the same platform as the Maybelline Colossal, the Lakme Eyeconic and the probably the L’Oreal Kajal Magique. So let’s get right into the review and see which of these fare the best in the affordable price range of Kajals.

Product Description: Super soft and easy gliding, FACES Magneteyes Kajal provides the much needed nourishment to your eyes as it is loaded with antioxidants and minerals and is paraben-free. The intense black color gives excellent coverage to your eyes. Whether you want the stunning Egyptian, feline, pin-up, luxe, or a dramatic eyeliner look, this alluring Kohl that doubles up as an eyeliner can create it all with ease.

Being dermatologically tested and enriched with mineral rich formula with special ingredients like Vitamin E and Vitamin C derivative, FACES Magneteyes Kajal is completely safe to use too! Besides it is a retractable pencil and comes at an attractive price of Rs.175.

My Experience with Faces Magneteyes Kajal:

99.9 % of the times, I don’t buy products without reading reviews. But that holds true only with skin care products. When it comes to purchasing makeup, the equation gets reversed. 99.9% of my makeup purchases are impulsive and on-the-spot buys. The same happened with Faces Magneteyes Kajal. I saw the display of this beautifully packaged Kajal on the Faces Counter and when I enquired about it, the SA told me, “This is a new Kajal ma’am. Long-lasting, smudge proof, jet black and costs Rs. 175 but you’ll get it at 140 after discount.” I could not find any other words but, “Please pack it!!” in spite of there being no testers. So now after all the rant, let’s judge the product on the following parameters:

Packaging: Red coloured stick?? Oh yeah!! So adorable….It comes in a Red coloured twist up pencil form. The cap of this kajal shuts with a Click sound and closes securely. The pencil is so compact, light weight  and easy to carry. All in all, great packaging!!

Colour: As I mentioned that I bought this product without testing, the moment I swatched it at home, I was startled!! Such amazing pigmentation and ‘Jet Black’ colour in the true sense of the term. Super duper impressed.

Texture: The texture of this Kajal is very creamy and smooth. I love the way Faces has described it to be “Bold yet Tender”. The pencil tip does not feel dry when applied on the waterline and on the eyelids. The creamy-ness of this Kajal is much much better than the Maybelline Colossal, the Lakme Eyeconic and my most disliked kajal L’Oreal Magique.

Smell: It is absolutely fragrance free, which is ideally how eye products should be in general. I love the fact that it does not burn or sting the eyes on application, and I feel the “fragrance-free” feature of this kajal plays a major role in making the kajal suitable for even sensitive eyes.

Pigmentation: Bang on!!! Amazing pigmentation in just one swipe!! In the swatches image, you’ll see that there is no difference in the pigmentation whether it’s one swipe or three swipes of the Faces Kajal. Also in the swatch comparison image, Faces Magneteyes is a clear winner in the affordable Kajal pencils available in the Indian markets.

Longevity: This baby is sure long-lasting. It lasts on my eyelids for more than 8 hours without budging. Though it does smudge a bit on the waterline, but it does not look gross at all. In fact I do smudge it on purpose for that soft smokey look that I love.

Quality: The overall quality of this product is astounding. I haven’t come across such an amazing eye pencil which delivers so well and is so darn affordable, until now!! I must say that I totally love this one and will repurchase even before I finish this up, because I have a habit of stocking up my most favorite products as backups.

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  • Awesome packaging!! Red colour stick and twist up pencil
  • Jet black colour
  • Smooth application
  • Multi usage kajal – can be used on the waterline, lash-line and as an eye shadow base
  • Great pencil for a smokey eye look
  • Does not sting the eyes at all
  • Quite a creamy pencil
  • Does not cause any irritation to the eyes
  • Waterproof
  • Vitamin E enriched
  • Extremely affordable (costs even less than the Maybelline Colossal, Lakme Eyeconic and L’Oreal Kajal Magique)


  • Smudges a bit (but this feature actually works well for a smokey look)

Rating: A+

Price: INR 175/- for 0.35 gms of product. I got it at a discount for INR 140/-

Recommendation: Oh yeah!! If you’re a fan of jet black, affordable, multi-purpose kajal pencils, then sure give this one a shot, beauties!! Experiment different eye looks with this one and it works really well. Even if you already own a ton of black kajal pencils, still purchase this one. It’s possibly like no other you’ll have in your vanity. Highly recommended!!

Guest Review By Priya Sinha (Oily skin with occasional breakouts, fair skintone)


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