Hi girls,

So I thought I’d share my hair removal experience at Kaya with you guys. Now in the past, I have got my underarms laser done from Kaya (its still under process), but this time I was actually doing an area of my face (Sideburns) which made me a tad bit more nervous.

After the boy totally freaked me out  by saying that  Laser will make my face turn green , and I should not do it at all etc, I decided to ask a couple of my friends and cousins who had got it done. Turned out, it was actually quite effective for them, so I decided I should muster up the courage to go for one session.

How it works: 

So essentially, because I had previous experience with Laser I didnt really need a patch test as such. The Kaya doctor however came to me and asked me a bunch of questions to make sure my skin is not extra sensitive.

Then, the lady who was administering the laser, took a crayon and marked out the area on the sideburns where she would be doing the laser. Since I didn’t want it unnatural looking, I took it up just halfway to my ear and let the remaining hair be.

After this, she used a razor to remove the hair on my sideburns and applied this super ice cold gel like thing on it. Once there was “A LOT” of gel, she used the laser to go over the entire area. What I was told is that the laser rod is super hot, and the ice cold gel ensures your skin does not suffer, but the hair are still taken out.

It took just about ten minutes and voila- my first session was over!

Freedom To Wear Your Skin

Results after first session

So after the first session, I did have a much cleaner face and while it took some time for me to get used to it, nobody else really noticed anything strange or awry about a patch of hair missing on my  side ;)

I was quite scared about itching and rashes and while occasionally I would get the urge to itch, there was actually no side effect in terms of rashes or discoloration or anything else on my face- Thank lord for that! What  I was concerned about is what to do when the hair starts coming out again ( Laser works when you go for 5-6 sittings) – I didnt want there to be a stubble on the side of my face in fifteen days !

Anyway, now that fifteen days have passed and I am seeing regrowth I can see that the growth is much much finer than it used to be, its not like harsh stubble  and it is growing out but if my under arm experience is anything to go by , the third session is when the major change happens. . Ill be scheduling my next appointment soon !

A few bits of gyaan I picked up:

How many sessions do you need: Depending on which body part you get done, this varies. But both for under arms and for sideburns Its around 6 sessions for your hair to go away. After that you only need to go once-twice a year to touch up

How much does it cost: One session can set you back approx 3000 Rs .

Does it hurt: Nope, sometimes the laser can pinch but you barely feel it.



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