4-candycrush1111-001 I know it has its loyalists but one of the most annoying things to have been invented in recent times is definitely the game- Candy Crush. I mean , I get that there are like a gazillion people obsessed with it (my family included) but no thank you If I see another candy crush request on facebook I might scream. That is not the case however with Maybelline lipstick called crush candy- I may squeal in delight rather than scream in annoyance.

Crushed Candy is a pretty, lightweight, mid tone candy pink. The kinds that instantly perks up your face with its vibrant color without being too out there. With summer beating down on Delhi (I feel like a fried egg already ) , this is THE color for summer brunches , pool parties and what not. I think this is fab for light and medium skintones I think the deeper skintones may find it slightly strange as a color.

In terms of the Colorshow lipsticks , Im a fan. For 299 /- getting a lipstick that is creamy and pigmented and non drying and which still stays on for 5 hours is a pretty big deal and this lipstick does do that. One word on the pigmentation- its sheer at first swipe but this gets built up to almost opaque pretty quickly so dont judge.



Verdict: A

Price: Rs 299/-

Recommendation: For the price you pay, the quality you get is AH-MAZING.  This particular color may be a tad bit more sheer than other colors in this range but you still get fabulous bang for your buck. The color is a vibrant candy pink- almost a coral and instantly adds brightness to lighter and medium skintones

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