Is there something called a quarter life crisis? Because I think I’m going through one right now. It’s strange actually – you would assume a quarter life  crisis would mean I have no clue where my life is going personally and professionally, but it isn’t that at all . In most aspects of life, I am pretty sorted.  It’s when you go through life, get married , turn 28, and suddenly everyone tells you to have kids and all you can think about is WHAT?????- There is nothing exciting I have done in my life yet , and I need atleast 5 more years of being irresponsible before taking on the most responsible job on earth  . It’s also a time where you start questioning everything you used to like or used to believe in- some of those morals you so strongly believed in or held on to, don’t seem so great anymore . You become less judgemental in certain things, more judgemental in others ,  you want to rewind time to relive some memories, or just fast forward so you know what is in store for you in the future.

Anyway, one tiny part of questioning what I used to like is also in terms of makeup ;) I was always a liquid liner girl, but given Im in this whole situation of ‘Who knows what I like right now’, Im back to experimenting with gel liners and the three liners giving me company are all from the L’oreal Cannes Range- I have Diamond Black, Saphhire Blue and Royal Blue.

Diamond Black is a soft, black with silver shimmer specks in it. The shimmer is pretty fine and doesn’t add or subtract much from the product- I probably would have preferred this to be a matter liner but its not a deal breaker . I like that these come with brushes, and that these are incredibly creamy. Getting a nice, thick swipe of liner is a breeze and they apply evenly and smoothly and give pigmented color. These don’t budge or crease and are actually really easy to use as the brush is just the perfect width for application.

My issue with this liner is mostly in terms of how it holds up over time. The reason I turn to gel liners is because they have a tendency to stay longer, and while this one does last long it fades A LOT by the evening so by 6 pm, I am left with a very soft, whispery sort of black which I don’t really love. 2-lorealparis13-lorealparis24-lorealparis3

Verdict: B+

Price: 875/-

Recommendation: The Loreal Paris Gel Intenza Super liners are beautiful in terms of textures and colors, have an incredibly creamy feel and are a breeze to apply. Diamond black is a soft black with tiny bits of shimmer which is beautiful on application, however I wish it didn’t fade so much as the day progressed. Liners should stay fresh all day long.

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