LOreal Paris Superliner Blackbuster Eyeliner Review (1) L’Oreal Paris Superliner Blackbuster Eyeliner Review

Since the time I’ve started writing reviews on PnB, all products I’ve reviewed were an A+ rating, because I naturally wanted to review my most loved products and share them with the wonderful readers of PnB. But today I’ll be breaking the monotony by reviewing a product which did not make a strong mark in my heart and which I am not a big fan of. It’s the L’Oreal Paris Superliner Blackbuster Eyeliner. Let me tell you why.

Product Description: An intense graphic eyeliner, with a striking black pigment that lasts for 8 hours. Inspired to re-create a catwalk look, with the thickest liner yet. An error proof, smooth guide, easy to use marker pen. The innovative “black ink formula” creates a striking bold look, which lasts. The formula also enables an easy to apply and remove application.

My Experience with L’Oreal Paris Superliner Blackbuster Eyeliner

When I came to know about this fat marker style liner, I was so keyed up, that I instantly ran to my nearest Beauty Centre (with a list of other essentials as well) and purchased this baby instantly. This liner was a brand new launch by L’Oreal in the market and I did not find any reviews about it as well. But I dint care, I just wanted to have it!! But I was quite disappointed after I tried it. Since I was so excited about this one, I badly wanted to love it and I tried to love it, but as it is said, “We cannot love someone (in my case, thing), it happens on its own”……Lol…..So, this baby only got an “OK” tag in my opinion.

Packaging: The Blackbuster liner comes in a pen style fat marker packaging. I absolutely love the gold accents on the body of the liner. Black and Gold makes such a classy combination! Though the felt tip of the liner is thick, it has quite a fine point which makes the application process easier and mess free.

Pigmentation: The pigmentation factor of this liner is quite funny. In the sense that, when this liner is swatched on the hand, it applies like a nice jet black liner. But when applied on the eyelids, it requires two layers to get a decent black color. But how much ever it is layered on the eyelids, the pigmentation and finish will never be as good as a gel liner.

Longevity: The staying power of the liner is quite impressive though. It does live up to its claim of 8 hour wear and may be even more. It doesn’t smudge, transfer or flake off which is a big plus point, considering that this liner is NOT WATERPROOF.

Quality: The overall quality of this liner is between “Oh wow” and “huh…sad”. I wouldn’t say it’s a great liner considering the pigmentation, but also it would not be fair to call it a bad liner since it lives up to its other claims really well. So this is an average quality liner.

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  • Such pretty black and gold packaging!
  • Versatile tip applicator for thin and thick liner application
  • Sufficiently stiff applicator tip for hassle free application
  • 8 hour wear claim is true
  • Smudge proof and feather proof (at least during those 8 hours as claimed)
  • Easily available online and in stores


  • Needs to be layered for good pigmentation
  • Not Waterproof (its water resistant)
  • Quite expensive (considering the awesome Maybelline Colossal Liner is just for INR 425/-)
  • Requires practice to draw a very fine line with this huge tip

Rating: B+

Price: INR 750/-

Recommendation: Considering the price and quality of this product, I would not recommend this liner as a must have in your makeup stash. But since there are not many thick felt tip liner in the Indian market and if you are keen to try one such liner, then go for it. It’s not a bad product, but not an excellent product either. I myself don’t reach for it so often. I would suggest buying this liner during some online sale as it is a bit on the expensive side. So it’s up to you to decide!

Guest Review By Priya Sinha (Oily skin with occasional breakouts, fair skintone)

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