Do girls with a head full of curls have more fun than those with straight hair? Hmm, I think so but maybe thats because when my hair is full and curly a feel a wee bit more devilish (Comment below and tell me if your hair and outfits dictate your mood- I know they do mine !! )

If you know me for a while, then you would know that I put zero products on my hair. I mean apart from the regular shampoo and conditioner- no sprays, no mousse, no hair color and barely any heat . At most if Im attending a wedding, I shall use my curling rod but thats like once in two months. With the kind of state my hair is in (I have barely any left!) , its hard to even think of touching your hair with some chemical.

The Loreal Sea Salt Spray intrigued me though, because my hair and humid climates spell disaster. Considering that so many of my friends are getting married in Goa, and I don’t want to run around parlours for my hair at the time, this neat little bottle has been a bit of a saviour.

What does it do:

Essentially, you take a little bit in the palm of your hand, then run your fingers lightly through your hair scrunching it a bit. The result is actually pretty nice- your hair gets into soft waves, minus the frizz. Think of it almost like a semi-wet look- like when your hair is just going to be completely dry, and its a natural, tousled hair style. I love that the spray isn’t heavy and hard- it doesn’t make my hair crunchy and my hair still looks fresh and natural in an effortless way.

I think if you have straight hair, this isn’t going to magically give you waves but possibly just add a bit of texture to it so it looks tousled. This works best on my type of hair- the wavy kind because it exaggerates the waves into nice , manageable curls. Definitely a must have for your beach vacation.


Review: A-


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