Soooo…by now you are probably wondering just how many weddings happen in my family every year. Well..lots. After documenting my own bridal journey , being a part of my sister in laws last year, 2015 is actually probably the BIGGEST wedding year of all.

Reason– My first cousin is getting married in Jodhpur in December, and my husbands real sister is getting married just a week later in Goa (& husbands best friends is right after that) . Conclusion- Im going a bit cray cray and to keep myself sane, I am doing the only thing I know how to do- write about it ;)

The Goa Wedding

After a lot of hmming and haa-ing and mulling over options, we are FINALLY having a destination wedding in our family and I for one am SUPER excited. To bring you upto speed, girl is from Hyderabad, boy is from Nasik , we have had a roka function already in Nasik  (I am putting photos down below of what I wore and where I got them from), and so far we are ideating on a bunch of things.

The “Non- bride” Bride 

So my sister in law is the most non-bride, bride there is. She doesn’t really love to shop , doesn’t browse through photos and photos of bridal lehengas and all she ever wanted was a beach wedding with her dad to walk her down the aisle. But imagine my state when I  spoke to her recently and this conversation ensued.

Me: So Rosh, what do you want to wear for your wedding. Any thoughts?

Rosh: I think you will kill me if I tell you

Me , thinking she wants to wear something ridiculous like a plain sari:  Errrr

Rosh: Sooooo  I think I want to wear a gown….

Me thinking this girl has lost her mind: A gown? For your wedding???? There are lava phere around the fire – dont you think that would look so wierd?. Plus…how will you cover your head with the dupatta  with a gown?

Rosh: Err Ill wear a veil?

Me holding my head in my hands: Rosh, you really cannot wear a gown to your pheras, that will look REALLY dumb. Lets keep the gown to your engagement, and pheras lets wear something thats light, pretty…maybe a light floral print lehenga or something in softer colors

Rosh: Hmmm….ok lets think about it. I might come to Delhi in August to buy a lehenga. Im thinking Lavender

Me: Lavender. Hmm.. *thinks she has never seen a lavender lehenga in Delhi in all the 2000 trips she has made to the market, so this is going to be fun*

So yes, My sister in law wants to wear a lavender gown to her beach wedding, and Im trying to convince her to wear a lehenga which she can then change into a corset + skirt combination for the reception after to fulfil her ‘gown fantasy’. Anyone spotted any lavender lehengas in Delhi- please advise.

In the meanwhile , here are a few pictures from her Roka:

peachblack (1)peachblack (3)


I wore a pant-sari bought from Shahpur Jat (Store called Gazal Gupta in Jungi House). The bride (Second from right is wearing a gown from a designer called Divya Reddy in Hyderabad)

The Jodhpur Wedding

The Jodhpur wedding is a bit of a mega affair in terms of sheer size and logistics. Punjabi boy (aka my cousin) marries Marwari girl at the historic Umaid Bhawan Palace. So far the scope of my involvement has been limited to a few shopping trips to help shortlist a few outfits we would want to gift the girl :)  which so far includes a stunning handloom banarsi lehenga from Ekaya in Defence Colony and a couple of sarees here and there.

Iv also been ideating on what I want to wear to this function – I know I definitely want to reuse my lehenga or my own sangeet outfits atleast one of the days, and given that this is Ludhiana crowd (my family is from Ludhiana)  , it means I can dress probably as heavy as I want to and still end up looking underdressed (PS: I love it).

So far, my thoughts are along the lines of – getting a crop top made with my bridal lehenga and a lighter dupatta. There is also a whole thought of getting a super sexy, gown sari or cocktail sari with a fitted drape on the cocktail. Hmm, so much to do , so little time.


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