Ciate Nail Polish in Apple & Custard Review (6) Ciaté Nail Polish in Apple & Custard Review

What Ciaté says: “The perfect pastel juicy apple green. Fresh and vibrant and perfect for a weekend in the summer spent outdoors with picnics and dungarees.”

This rainy season makes life dull.. It’s already so gloomy in Nagpur that I feel like wearing nice and bright color in clothes as well as on nails; and that is what I have today – a good nail color which is Ciaté apple & custard nail polish.

As you must be aware Ciaté nail polishes come in one of the cutest bottles. The full size comes with a black bow whereas the mini size ones just has a bow printed on it but I still love the bottle shape.

The name is perfect to describe this lovely color. It is creamy as custard ;) and for me this is the perfect green apple/ minty green color (especially because I am not a green color person). You can apply it easy as it doesn’t get thick while applying. I like to apply a base coat and then 2-3 coats of this color. For this color 1 coat isn’t enough because it is little streaky but after 2 coats it sure is lovely & dries like really quickly. As far as I can say this is the fastest drying nail polish I have.

Also the brush is good & makes it easy to apply the polish. It stays on good 4-5 days without chipping provided you don’t put your hand in water too much if you do then it stays just 2-3 days. With a top coat I have it on for a week after which I can see the top part of nail exposed. Sometimes when I am lazy to change the nail polish what I do is – after a week, I put 1 more coat of this polish with top coat & I am good for another week.

Ciaté nail polishes are pretty & they do have great colors. This mini is a part of the famous Ciaté Mini mani manor advent calendar 2014 – which is a 24 piece set (23 nail polish including 1 full size bottle & 1 was a sticker set).

This color will look good on any one & everyone. It’s not too bright just a great fresh color.

Let me quickly take you through the goods & bads

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  • Beautiful & fresh color
  • Easy to apply
  • Stays well for a week with a top coat (I use Rimmel London Pro Super Wear Ultra Shine Top Coat)
  • Sturdy & good looking bottle
  • Travel friendly
  • No unpleasant smell.


  • Expensive!
  • Availability in India

Rating: A

Price: 5 ml for about $8 in US / I got the Ciaté Advert calendar 2014 for $ 60

Recommendation:  I love Ciaté nail polish but I personally feel they are too expensive to buy but I still feel buying the sets they have is better buy. So if you really love nail polish I would recommend you to buy some set/ the advert calendar they come up with every year end which gets cheaper by January /February. Now this is available for approx. $ 30 on  Anyways I love the Ciaté nail polishes and the colors they have.

Guest Review By Nidhi Mohunta  (Skin tone: medium – NC 42, Type: oily – combination, acne-prone)

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