There are exceptions to every rule you make for yourself. You may be the most good girl around, but one day in a moment of impulse you do the unthinkable. You may say that you are strictly a tomboy but then one day that cute little bodycon number at Zara totally has your name all over it.. You may be a black eyeliner always type of girl , but then a particular shade of blue might tempt you to crossover onto the blue side,   like this Loreal Paris Superliner Gel Intenza in Sapphire Blue.

Now,  Iv had my share of blue eyeliners in life. They are like minor flirtations when you get bored of the one you are committed to- the matte, black liner that keeps you company through thick and thin. Maybe this one is a flirtation too, but so far its probably been the longest lasting flirtation for me- 2 months of using it and still not bored. Whoa. I just set a whole new record in terms of makeup commitment !

Sapphire blue is actually not the color of a saphhire. Its a  deep , almost navy blue tiny turquoise and silver shimmer specs inside it which lift it from being a plain- jane boring blue to something a bit more exciting ! I feel like this is a blue that looks great against my brown eyes- its subtle enough to wear to work daily, but not so subtle that you think its black.

In terms of texture- I echo my sentiments about the Diamond Black liner. Smooth , creamy and richly pigmented which doesn;t irritate my sensitive eyes, however the color does fade pretty severely towards the end of the day. If your days are as long as line (Startup life- whats a girl to do?) , then you may find that a tad bit annoying. Also the brush- Houston can we have a thinner brush please?


Verdict: B+

Price: 875/-

Recommendation: The Loreal Paris Gel Intenza Super liners are beautiful in terms of textures and colors, have an incredibly creamy feel and are a breeze to apply. Sapphire blue is a gorgeous navy blue with silver and turquoise shimmer specks which is beautiful on application, however I wish it didn’t fade so much as the day progressed.

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