Aloha people,

So got done with session two of my Laser a while back . For those who didn’t read the first post, Im doing sideburns this time.  One of the things I noticed about facial hair as opposed to under arm hair removal is that I actually needed much more gaps between sessions for the face because my hair didn’t grow back as much, so my second session was almost 2 months later from my first session !

After the second session

So after the first session, some of my fears had been allayed- eg: stubble like growth or wierd discoloration but thankfully that didn’t happen. While the hair grown was finer, after a while I did see my growth come back to normal (maybe because I waited too long for the second session) , so when I went in for my second session, my growth had not reduced as much.

The second session dramatically improved the results however, with my growth slowing down considerably. After the second session, it took almost a month and a half for me to see any visible growth and even when it did, it was very minimal.  I am hoping by the end of the third – fourth session I wont need regular sessions, but I have heard that facial hair takes longer to remove permanently so who knows ? Shall update you on the progress…

One of the things Im realising about facial hair removal is that its  a bit more annoying than Under arms. When your under arm hair grow back, you can actually use a razor if you are in between sessions, but on your face you can;t do that and have to wait for the hair to grow back properly which kind of sucks.

A few bits of gyaan I picked up:

How many sessions do you need: Depending on which body part you get done, this varies. But both for under arms and for sideburns Its around 6 sessions for your hair to go away. After that you only need to go once-twice a year to touch up

How much does it cost: One session can set you back approx 3000 Rs .

Does it hurt: Nope, sometimes the laser can pinch but you barely feel it.

How laser works: Read the infographic in this article

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