For me, the most annoying thing is the return policy.  I understand there are matters of hygiene and with things like lipsticks etc where the product touches your skin directly its obviously not possible , but at times you purchase a really expensive foundation and go home to use it once and see it oxidises on your skin or the shade isn’t right. I think that if you come the very next day and ask for a different shade, brands shouldn’t throw that much of a fit about it. Specially if the shade has been recommended by the SA.

I have had issues with product exchange in all major beauty brands- Bobbi brown (where i spent 5000 Rs on a foundation only to have it lie at the back of my closet because they wouldnt exchange it ) and even at Mac (though to their credit they did change it after I spoke to the manager). If this was a worldwide policy, I may have understood but I don’t get why I can exchange stuff abroad but not in India?

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