Sleek Makeup I-Divine Eye Primer Review (4) Sleek Makeup I-Divine Eye Primer Palette Review

I have heard a lot about eye primers but never really had the opportunity of trying them. Well, to be honest Indian markets have very less options and we only get to order from international brands when we bulk order stuffs. One such impulsive buy of mine is the Sleek primer palette. Sleek is a phenomenal brand when it comes to eye makeup and I am sure all of you would agree with me. Therefore, I thought of experimenting with this multi colored eye primer palette. Let us see how impressive it is.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A palette of 12 eye primers designed to be used with all Sleek Makeup eyeshadows. You can find your base color from a selection 12 shades which can be used to enhance and intensify your chosen eyeshadow.
It is a light cream formula that intensifies shades giving the truest color pay off, providing a good base and prolonging the wear of your eye makeup look.

With identical packaging of the eye shadows, the primer palette has a sleek black encasing. It has a mirror attached when you flip open the case and a double tip applicatior. The applicator is fluffy but poky on the skin and therefore can be termed as unusable. I have nothing to complain of the packaging but as I own around 6-7 palettes from this i-divine range, it is sturdy except it is pretty confusing to identify a particular one unless you turn the back or open it.

The primer palette consists of 12 primers. The texture of each is them is light and creamy but I still find it tough to swatch for pictures. All the colors have silver shimmers except one. The pigmentation ranges from good to excellent which is a kind of USP of Sleek. The colors blend well on the eyelids although it can only be applied with the help of finger tips. If you have oily eyelids like mine I would suggest setting the primer with a loose translucent powder as it  can make oily eyelids more oiler if not set properly.

I have used several colors and used the primers underneath on certain occasions. The colors definitely come out well pigmented and the staying power is enhanced as well. Eyeshadows remains intact for around 5-6hours without creasing and some colors lasted even more. So the staying power was definitely remarkable.

The 12 color primers are described below.

  1. MOONSHINE – white color with silver shimmers.
  2. CALYPSO – deep and bright cobalt blue with silver shimmers
  3. ULTRA VIOLET – eggplant color with shimmers.
  4. DARE DEVIL – soft red without any shimmers.
  5. PINK FROST – frosty plum-pink with silver shimmers.
  6. SILVER LINING – frosty gunmetal shade.
  7. NOIR – blackish-grey with silver shimmers.
  8. PEACH – frosty soft peach with silver shimmers.
  9. MONEY TREE – frosty olive green
  10. TRUFFLE – deep taupe with silver shimmers.
  11. MONEY HONEY – pale gold with silver shimmers
  12. HOT WIRED – light copper with silver shimmers.

All the shades have monotonous silver shimmers except one hence I do not prefer using it on regular basis.  I prefer matte eye shadows for daily wear and that is why the primer palette is not helpful much.

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  • Neat and decent packaging.
  • Wide choice of colors.
  • Creamy and blends well.
  • Most of the color are well pigmented.
  • Staying power is remarkable.
  • Reasonable price for 12 primer colors.


  • No much shimmers.
  • Applicator is not of much use.
  • Not good for oily eyelids.

Rating: B

Price: 1046 INR for 12 x 1.1g

Recommendation: No, I wouldn’t exactly recommend the palette if you are not an ardent fan of shimmers and if you are looking for everyday primers.  On the other hand, this palette would be handy for evening or party looks.

Guest Review By Sanchita

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