So I think Iv mentioned this before. I am possibly the most anti social blogger around. Earlier, when I was working it was near impossible to attend blogger meets (and the lone weekend I got off I just wanted to be by myself), and then when I quit, our new venture just took over my entire life and P&B events took a backseat. But recently, when I was invited to the Cosmo and Veet Bloggers event it seemed so much fun, that I knew I had to be there.

We were asked to dress in a ‘trend of our choice’ and after much hmming and haaing (Im not good with fashion trends), I went in an all Zara outfit. A black and white striped crop top, floral print pants and gold sandals. I didn’t pick a particular trend but mixing prints is something I love to experiment with so I thought the stripes and florals looked interesting together. Wanna see what happened indoors at Fio Cookhouse? Here goes…

07-peachesblush-006 Pita , hummus and lots of yummy stuff at Fio Cookhouse. The pizzas were soooo good , but I was so busy chatting with everyone that it finished

06-peachesblush-005Wanna see 5 super stylish bloggers in one photo? There you go

01-peachesblushSay hello to the girls- Srish from Style fashion etc, Shaily from Confessionz of a closet , Urvashi from The Right shade of red

05-peachesblush-004There was this uber cute closet which we could change into and get pictures taken. I didn’t change, but it was such a cute thought.



There was also a makeover station!

10-peachesblush-009Annndd thats ME ! And yup- the girl in the makeover photo is wearing the same crop top as me. Delhi shops at Zara people! Ha.

11-peachesblush-010Two more cuties- Amanda (Style coquettes) and Pallavi (That desi girl)

After two glasses of sparkling wine, lots of blogging banter and more I headed back home in my Uber, and came home to ‘the boy’ who was all like “Why is your top so short. Get a bigger size?” ┬áMen. They dont understand crop tops.

Special thanks to Nandini Bhalla for being the most chilled out fashion editor ever and for throwing this super fun event. Blogger events need to be more like this- relaxed, chilled out and like one big party!


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