I want to lie in a hammock and have some hot guy feed me grapes and cheese as I put my feet up and read. Yeah. Except that would make me pretty fat.  But that is exactly what I want right now because I just came home EXHAUSTED today ! My mom in law and Sis in law are in town for shaadi shopping and you know how that gets right? Specially when I am involved because its my personal mission to not miss any store.

Anyway, the reason I chose today to post about this , in-spite of my lack of energy is because when I came back home, I was welcomed with a warm cup of green tea (which was sent inside a body shop kettle) , and the tempting proposition of letting my legs get some much needed rest and moisture as I slathered TBS green tea body butter all over them.

The thing about body butters- you always expect them to be like your favorite chocolate shake- heavy, rich and luscious. But apart from the winter time, I find the thought of slathering body butter on me slightly mortifying (I mean even in September , its HOT in Delhi). This is why I’m loving the green tea body butter from TBS. It provides the moisture I need but it doesn’t feel heavy like the other body butters do. In fact, it smells fresh and light and a lot like green tea !

The scrub is great too! I use it in the morning in the shower and apart from the annoying tub packaging (really- we need to ban tubs in skincare people) , the scrub has the perfect type of granules to wash away my dead skin cells.

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Verdict :A 

Price: 1,095 for 200 ml for the Body butter and 1295 for the scrub

Recommendation: Loving both of these right now people. I finally found a body butter which moisturizes but doesn’t feel ick in the hotter summer months, and is in fact pleasantly cooling – great as an all year round body butter. The body scrub is great too- just wish the packaging was a bit more hassle free.


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