Saw Aishwarya walk the ramp for the Manish Malhotra show the other day, and I have to admit I am not the Aishwarya fan at all. BUT, the minute that woman took to the ramp, I felt weak in my knees (and Im a girl so I can imagine the effect she has on men). The woman is absolutely, 100% gorgeous and totally angelic looking. Read later on that she was actually unwell when she walked- well I wouldn’t have guessed in a million years. If you are following me on Instagram┬áthen you would have seen what I wore for the show myself!

I also really liked her makeup on the ramp – it suited her to the T, and I adapted it a slight bit for my skintone. I went a little softer with the darker brown because matte browns tend to make me look tired so I did a bronze instead. Also hers is a pretty high fashion look so made it slightly more wearable.

In other news- I bought my first outfit for the Jodhpur wedding-YAyyyiieeee! Its a skirt with a crop top and a cape on top of it. News soon.


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