I need to name the December weddings I’m attending , because its too exhausting to type – SIL’s wedding and cousins wedding separately. So henceforth they shall now be referred to as “The twin weddings” , until I find a better alternative atleast (Double dhamaka? Destination doubles? Sister act 2? ..Ok I shall stop)…

Anyway to give you a brief breakdown on the outfits I need to have ready. Here is what it looks like:

Jodhpur Wedding: 1 cocktail, 1 wedding day event, 1 sainth, 1 welcome dinner

Goa wedding: 1 Mehendi, 1 Engagement, 1 Wedding day and 1 welcome dinner.

So get it people-8 outfits. Well not 8 actually but I shall mix and match. So far what Im doing is rounding up everything in my wardrobe and mixing and matching it with the different events

Currently in the closet

My bridal lehenga: I think I shall wear this on my cousins Jodhpur wedding. But minus the dupatta, and with a crop top or an interesting blouse , or maybe Ill save it for later . Blouse suggestions people? See my bridal lehenga here

My engagement gown: This can either be worn to the cocktail on the Jodhpur wedding or the Engagement at Goa. But if I wear this at the Jodhpur wedding then basically Im repeating both my wedding outfits at the same wedding! No. not happening . See my gown here

Pink and White Gota Patti Sharara: In the mean while, I have a beautiful pink and white Gota Patti sharara which is quite heavy. It will be up in a video soon, but I might wear this to the Goa wedding because its probably light for the heavily Punju Jodhpur function

Stuff I need to buy:

Cocktail outfit for Jodhpur wedding: I don’t really have a clear idea of what I want to wear except that it has to be indo westernish and it has to show off a leeetle bit of the awesome body I hope I will have by the time December comes .

Silhouettes Im considering:



Kriti Sainon wore this gold Sonaakshi Raaj outfit and I loved the unique silhouette. The problem is that the price tag is almost 80K on this and If I get something similar made from my local boutique, I know the draping and the fabric wont fall as well on me



Maybe I can go with the whole cape trend one of these days? Would have to try it on and see how it looks on me though!


Bustiers and divided lehengas look pretty cute, not sure how they would look on me. The slimmest part of my body is my legs and anytime I wear something loose over them, I look bigger than I am

4-sister-bride-003Love the Sabyasachi on bipasha. I don;t think it will work that well for me because high necks I dont love on myself, but If I can modify this maybe with a scoop neckline and semi sheer sleeves this may work!

Welcome night outfit for Jodhpur wedding: This is pretty vague. It could range from anything like a plain saree, to a more elaborate anarkali to just a floor length gown. I think I want something which has a churidar with work on it.

Yknow like sheer churidars with little bits of embroidery peeping through? Kind of like the photo of the nude outfit top left, except much more delicate embroidery. Or I can also do a fun, mirror work kurti or something like that.

Color Pallette Im considering



Thinking along the lines of blush pink, champagne, mint green- pastels. Not Lavender though- if there is one thing I know is that purple in any form (apart from the deep eggplant purple) just does NOT look good on me and it ruins photographs too.

In other news

Jodhpur (Cousin bro’s Wedding): So I attended the Vogue Wedding Show yesterday (pics on WMG soon) , and I actually attended it alongside my aunt and mom because they need to buy the engagement outfit for cousins future wife. We went through every stall, and the only two stalls we really liked were Anju Modi and Anita Dongre. (At one point of time my aunt entered Manish Malhotra and looked at a mannequin dressed in green and proclaimed – Yeh kya bakwaas hai! . Only to find Manish standed right behind her)

My aunt found something for herself too- at Dolly J and at Tarun. The one at Tarun is this super unique digital print lehenga which I would wear in a heartbeat myself and the one at Dolly J is a white lehenga with red roses. Moms these days- they wear lehengas too and Iv forced my aunt to NOT wear  a saree this time and wear something different (Im sick of the – But im too old to wear xyz beta).


Goa (SIL Wedding) : Because the bride is so chilled out and does not really care about what she wears (yes, alien bride I tell you- ALIEN) , we are all just playing it cool right now because she hasn’t even started looking yet.

She is coming down to Delhi at the end of August and we will be looking at some stuff here, but her mom in law is in Nasik and wants to shop in Mumbai so she will be flying to Mumbai to shop with her as well. Good for her- she gets the best of both worlds !

I think Im going to take her to the Astha Narang studio in HKV, and a bunch of Shahpur Jat places because she likes outfits that are much lighter and given that its a beach wedding I see no need in going to Chandni Chowk for the heavy duty bridal stuff.


Matching Sisters?

Ha, so…yknow my cousin bro’s wedding in Jodhpur. The reason I’m so excited is because after a long time, this will be a wedding I will truly enjoy. The last wedding was my own, and well…Im sorry but as much as you want to , you cannot party like  a maniac on your own wedding. The wedding before that in my family was my cousin sister Aarushi’s wedding and while I did enjoy her wedding, because she is my partner in crime I couldn’t enjoy WITH her. She was on stage the entire time and I was just chilling with other people.

Sooooo, Me and Aarushi have kind of grown up together, and I think we want to do the unthinkable and go match our outfits for this wedding. Not in an ‘Cinderella’s ugly step sisters’ kind of way- but we definitely want to do something that is common between both our outfits for each function.  Don’t ask me why, but I think it will be fun – two grown ups with similar outfits..no? Will it look ridiculous? Who knows- Im just hoping for a fantastic photo op!


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