Yesterday my mom was showing me the sari she is planning to wear to a teal inspired party, to support Ovarian Cancer. The sari was umm…emerald green people. Y’know like the color of granite- like green granite – basically that- It wasn’t even blue ! Of course an entire 10 minute argument ensued in which she argued that teal is green, and I said teal is blue and google basically told us that I am right (though teal is such a varied color it ranges anywhere from turquoise to navy) . As expected , the mother said she knew better than google and the website SHE looked at told her that teal is green . (I didn’t bring up the fact that she ALMOST failed the colorblindness test when she gave her driving test because that is a touchy topic – I was nudging her from behind as she identified orange as red and vice versa)

Anyway, to do my bit to support Ovarian Cancer, I thought of doing a teal inspired lust list though now that I look at it, looks a bit turquoisey to me !

1. Teal dresser: Yknow the pretty dresser you see in my videos? Well, Im getting kind of bored of it and might use that just as a cabinet. Would love a dresser like that one !

2. Teal cocktail ring: THAT RING. I have a thing for chunky jewellery, and that algae shaped ring is so pretty, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Though I spotted it on pinterest, it actually is available at Accessorize too.

3.Micheal Kors turquoise and gold watch: The watch you NEED to have in your stash. It is so gorgeous and sparkly and adds a bit of pop to your outfit but not in a childish way.

4. Teal scarf: That entire outfit is so me. Dark washed denims, a tank, a knitted scarf and an open cardigan. Effortless and chic

5. Lace booties: CUTE!!! Would love to pair these with something brown and tan and complete the look!

For those unaware, Ovarian Cancer is the most common type of cancer – and makes up for more than 90% of cases affecting women out there. Like pink is the color of breast cancer, Teal is the color of Ovarian Cancer

5th September is #weartealday and the entire month of  September is  30 Days of TEAL .

# TEAL it up India- let’s break the silence on ovarian cancer

FYI: This is not a sponsored post.

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