All that glitters is not gold.

Well, DUH.   It could be sequins, or coins or sparkly stuff that makeup is made of- quite an overrated saying that don’t you think? Ofcourse, if you delve a bit deeper that saying tells us that things are not always what they appear  to be, and that is pretty true in life, though I wish it weren’t. I wish we could just take stuff at face value and get over it – instead of thinking and rethinking about what someone may or may not have meant etc etc.

Anyway, coming back to this little gem- favorite thing in my makeup collection currently. Why? Well look at it- its the one shadow I can wear with western wear, with Indian wear, to the gym (I dont wear shadow to the gym, just saying if I wanted to this would be it), In the pan it looks like a neutral soft peachy pink, but on my eyes its more like a soft gold with a hint of pinkness to it. I love that, because it means it looks smashing with pretty much anything people. This is like the dark washed denim of makeup – super versatile and the stuff you turn to when you want comfort and style.

The finish isn’t glittery like the name suggests, but a soft neutral sheen which makes my eyes look wide awake and fresh. Its super buttery soft to apply, but I do need a primer to make it stay a little bit longer than usual on my lids. Apart from that- lovely, youthful color and makes me wanna do some serious experiments after a long time.

Totes must have people. Totes adorbs. Cray Cray about it. 

Sorry, that last line- Im just so amused by people who talk like that, that iv made it my mission these days to use these words. Its driving the boy insane  cray cray .


Verdict: A+

Price: Rs 900 in a refill

Recommendation: Whats not love. Its the perfect neutral eyeshadow for any skintone- darker girls will love this as well. Just a soft wash of pinky gold that goes with westerns and Indian wear alike. Totes amazing ! ;)

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