I go through my life moving on from one obsession to another. It isn’t the healthiest practice, but I feel like if I don’t have something to obsess, fret, ponder, worry over , or something that just consumes me from morning to night, I start to feel listless, bored and directionless.

And if the past is anything to go by, then anything that I’m obsessed with also very quickly gets relegated to the back of my mind when the next obsession comes along. The husband gets a bit scared of this because he is the anti thesis of this behaviour. If we had to describe our personalities in a graphic, he would be a steady state line, and I would be like the volatile graph going up and down and swinging about wildly.

Anyway, the point is ..about a month back, I realised that fitness was my newest obsession. Now this surprised even me, because I am a self confessed lazy girl. I mean, if I have to call my mom from another room – I dial her number. I can stay in PJ’s all day on weekends, and when there is a lift, the stairs don’t stand a chance. I would like to think that the obsession started because I became a little bit health conscious, but this was definitely a vanity thing. I was going out at night, slipping into my favourite tube top when I realised that suddenly, I didn’t look as hot as I did earlier in it (Shallow I know) . Y know how everyone has that one outfit that they know ALWAYS makes heads turn as they enter a room-  well my striped black tube is that for me, and suddenly I just felt a bit…pudgy. I also felt so tired and at work I ran out of energy faster than you can say “Zap”.

So I joined the gym. I went for the first two days , I ran on the treadmill at a speed of 7.0 for 20 minutes. After that I did abs exercises for another 15 (crunches, pilates,  the works), and the remaining part of the hour I spent on various arm exercise machines (My arms are my problem area). The issue- I got bored out of my mind. I came back home not feeling anything different, just bored and not really wanting to go back.

Then, I decided that the gym wasn’t for me and I enrolled in a bunch of classes (these classes are given free if you take membership at my Gym so it was easier for me to just try these out.)

Zumba : The first Zumba class I attended, I felt a bit left out. Everyone seemed to know all the steps and all I was doing was playing catchup. Plus by fifteen minutes I was out of breath and in half an hour I thought I will literally die and fall to the floor, while everyone else seemed to be doing ok.

But I guess what clicked for me, is that at the end of 60 minutes I came back home drenched in sweat. My body felt exhausted, and after a shower I just wanted to curl up in bed and sleep. But somehow in the middle of all that, I also just felt really good about myself. For those 60 minutes my brain wasn;t thinking of anything else- no work, no relationships, no stress, no money, no event, nothing. It was so quick and went by so fast that all I was thinking was how to keep up my hands and legs to the instructor.

So I went the next day, and have been going (try to go rather) thrice a week for 60 minutes each. The classes start at 7 pm, so thats a good time for me post work.

Bollywood Dance: Along with Zumba, my gym started to offer Bollywood dance classes. I was super excited for this because the one thing I don’t like about Zumba is the music. So I went for this session too.

Bollywood dance is definitely more fun than Zumba (I mean how can dancing on Chittiyan kalaiyan not be fun) , but its much lesser of a workout . I do come out sweating but definitely not as exhausted as I do on Zumba. This is probably because Zumba has been scientifically designed to help you lose weight, while Bollywood dance is more of just a cardio workout. What I do love about the Bollywood dance class is the feel good factor, and that she really stresses on arms  . There is one bit where we aren’t allowed to put our arms down for a whole song. It kills me, but I know it will also be great for toning my arms.

My routine:

– Tuesday: Zumba 7 pm to 8 pm

-Wednesday: Zumba: 7 pm to 8 pm

– Thursday: Bollywood Dance for  1 hour

– Friday: Zumba for 1 hour

– Saturday: Either Bollywood dance for 1 hour or I gym for half an hour and do abs exercises

Sun & Mon: Break days , unless the boy wants a gym date.

Current Diet Plan

I eat everything honestly. We are a relatively unhealthy house. I mean once I overheard my maid telling her daughter that the amount of cheese she feeds us is insane and she wonders why we are not get fatter :p  I do try and eat a lighter dinner. So maybe instead of two rotis, I have 1 roti but like 2 big cups of the daal/ sabzi.

Apart from that, I eat chocolate, cake, brownie and anything else I like. Just cut down on aerated drinks.


I started only about 2 weeks back so its very early to say. I haven’t lost any weight so far and I doubt Iv lost inches either, but one thing I have immediately seen in a massive improvement in stamina. I mean, I can now breezily do the 60 min of Zumba without drinking a sip of water. I also feel more focussed, happier, and just looking forward to my workouts every day.

Another result: Flatter tummy. We do pilates as part of zumba class sometimes. That as well as ab exercises has ensured my tummy is MUCH flatter, and harder than before.

Rest- I shall keep you guys updated with what Iv been doing. Has anyone tried the Raw Pressery Detox???? Any idea about how it is?

Stuff you need to buy:

Sports bras: I didnt think I would need these, but when you wear your padded, wired bras to Zumba everyday, they come back literally drenched with sweat. I had to buy seperate lingerie for Zumba and well, who complains about shopping

Track pants: I SWEAR by my Victoria Secret Yoga Pants. They are uber cute (all black with pink lace at the waist and they have rhinestones saying “PINK”. Iv had them for about 2 years now and after umpteen machine washes, the rhinestones are intact and theyr comfy as hell. ANyone who goes to the states, tell them to get you a Yoga Pant

Softer rubber bands: My hair is dripping when I get back from class and I end up breaking like so much hair when removing my hairband



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