Yep, if you have walked past his store in Emporio, looking a bit like a cartoon with his tongue falling to the floor- join the club. Louboutin’s gorgeous sky high stilletoes are on many a lust list, and with a price tag that makes your go “Phishewwww” . BUT, you can now own a Louboutin for you lips, because Christian Louboutin is launching a lipstick range very soon!!!


First of, can I just say these look effing gorgeous . That cool, shiny gold metal would definitely feel great in my hand, and when you whip these out for a quick touch up in the girls loo, there are definitely going to be some rather envious people around.

Quoting from Refinery 21:

The line features 36 shades in three different textures — Silky Satin, Velvet Matte, and Sheer Voile — that are inspired by Louboutin handbags and shoes.  Louboutin says  “This precious object will be coveted by others. Suggesting a purse full of rare and precious stones that could have been discovered in Ali Baba’s cave, it will arouse lust and desire…and is made to be stolen.”  Yeah, I would steal these.

Will the hype live up to its name?

So Louboutin may know his soles in and out but lets face it, lipsticks are a whole different ball game. Will these deliver color payoff, be moisturizing, and long lasting and all those things in between? Or will these just be a pretty face? At 90 usd (thats  5000 Rs per lipstick), its going to cost quite a bit to try out.

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