So I went and filmed this concealer tutorial and then happened to take a look at these other Concealer tutorials on youtube. MAN ! There is a whole lot of stuff these girls do to conceal which frankly I just cannot think about doing everytime when I get ready.So this is essentially a fuss free concealer tutorial- I dont use correctors and highlighters and three different shades of concealer because lets get real people- nobody has that much stuff.

I do wear concealer everyday because I tend to get deep dark circles . Though you know what- they have definitely reduced over time and Im not sure how or why because I am not doing anything different. When I worked in Mumbai for a bit, my dark circles were so terrible my boss told me to go home and rest one day just because of them – Dark circle leave anyone? I think it was because I travelled 1.5 hours one way to work, and I was super exhausted and mentally stressed out. Now that Im in Delhi, Im a lot more relaxed – I eat well, I excercise and thats made a HUGE difference.

The 5 things that really changed how I conceal my eyes:

1. The same technique doesn’t apply to all concealers: You kind of need to get to know your concealer. My current one is thin and runny and doesn’t dry quickly so the swipe and pat dry method is perfect for it. My Inglot concealer dried very quickly do a semi wet brush did wonders ! The Mac Studio Fix one was heavy and thick so I only applied it on the darkest areas.

2. Setting powder makes a HUGE difference: No matter how cool your concealer is, it does tend to run amok on your face over time. Plus, whatever little bit that the concealer cannot disguise, the setting powder will definitely disguise . Also my concealer if I let it be has a natural shine to it so even though it conceals, it ends up looking a bit shiny if I dont use setting powder

3. I dont believe in buying concealer shades lighter than my skin tone: Some people like that whole really bright white flash (Kim Kardashian style) under their eyes. While in photographs it looks great, I personally find it looks unnatural on myself. I would rather make do with a concealer that looks natural than one that covers everything up but looks like it has been concealed. The only time I do use a much lighter concealer if when i dab it very very close to the lower lash line and then cover it with normal concealer. I did this with the bright awake eyes video.

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