You know there are  some of your friends whom you really enjoy the company of,  but don’t see them often enough ? Me and Spas are kind of like that. Very often I find myself saying “I need a spa”, and yet the last time I remember going for a spa treatment willingly was like 3 years back- when I was a bride to be.

So when I got a chance to experience the Monsoon packages at the Quan Spa at JW Marriot Aerocity, I willingly accepted. It was the same day as one of the shoots we were doing for WedMeGood, and there is nothing like some pampering at the end of a hectic shoot to really relax.

Once inside, I quickly glanced at the menu card and opted for the Bespoke Skin Polish and Massage – a  body scrub (30 min) and body massage ( 60 min) .

“Okay Spa, do you thing” , I thought as I was given a cup of warm chamomile  green tea , and a large recliner chair which I was supposed to relax in (But for the most part of it, I just clicked photos and instagrammed from there- because you know bloggers got to do their thang!)


The Body Scrub

After about twenty minutes I was told I could start the session. After my feet were soaked in warm water and cleansed (a customary tradition I was told), I was given disposable underwear and told to strip down to pretty much nothing, while my ultra polite masseuse got to work using a scrub to get rid of my dead skin cells. This was not the kind of scrub you would put on your face- it definitely had harsher granules, but at the end of thirty minutes when she told me to take a quick shower before beginning my massage session, I did feel a bit like a caterpillar shedding my old , worn out skin and getting ready to be seriously fabulous ;)

The Massage

The massage bit I was NOT looking forward to. See, Im a bit of a restless spirit and when you ask me to sit tight for 60 minutes without doing anything, I feel like I am wasting my life. But this 60 minutes went by in such a flash, that before I knew it my masseuse was gently nudging me to wake up from the slumber I had rolled into. I am not going to describe the massage – mostly because I don’t know how to – but the basic crux of it involves a lot of gentle kneading of oils into my skin. I liked that the masseuse asked my preference for everything-right from the perfect room temperature to the choice of music in the song, and the pressure she was putting. It was one of those experiences where your brain goes all fuzzy and you don’t quite think of anything really because you are too busy enjoying your massage. They usually also go ahead and give you a deep head massage by rubbing oil into your skin but because I am super particular  about my hair being touched for anything (I feel like even if someone talks about my hair, one strand breaks)  , I skipped this bit and just got the body massage done.

There was also a sauna and steam that you can take after the massage and for many this is the nicest part of the entire experience!

After Effects

One thing I definitely noticed after the session, and this effect lasted about 4-5 days was that my skin felt a lot smoother and softer to touch, and with the oil that had seeped into my skin, my otherwise dry as a desert elbows felt plush and moisturized. Ofcourse, apart from this, I felt totally relaxed and even the crazy traffic on the way home did not rile me up that day .

 I think if you are a bride to be, set aside a spa day and go ahead and get your entire body pampered. Too often we focus on the face, and get all these fancy pants facials slathered onto our face, but if you really want to de-stress and ensure your body glows like a lightbulb- this session I had would be perfect!


The massage room


The Sauna area 

Monsoon Packages available:

–       Exotic Monsoon: 30 Minutes body polish followed by Hot stone Massage – 90 Minutes

–       Chakra Healing: Start with Indian Ayurveda Massage followed by Herbal poultices placed at variable pressure points on your back to facilitate chakra healing –  60 Minutes

–       Ultimate Aromatherapy – A combination Swedish & neuromuscular techniques relieve muscular tension and lymphatic drainage helps encourage a healthy circulation. – 60 mins

–       30 mins Bespoke Skin Polish and 60 mins Massage – Cleansing, clearing through exfoliation and followed by relaxing massage to soothe the senses.

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