Me: ” I think I need to visit a dermat “

Boy: ” Why, you have a rash”

Me: “No”

Boy : “Allergy, irritation, something else?”

Me: No”

Boy: “Boils?”

Me: ” Eww. No”

Boy looking at my with a blank face

Me: “I just want to go aise hee. Like I wanna know if I should be on proper anti ageing stuff, my face seems more dry than usual – I want to show that”

Boy: “You want to go to a doctor and say – Hi, I need a moisturizer. Wow, that’s the easiest money any doc will make”

Well, it was true I guess. I didn’t suffer from any ailment but I just felt the need to go to a skin doc anyway and ofcourse I dragged him along on a bright Sunday morning (Not so bright for him, since he was out playing poker with the boys till 3.00 am the night before  but more on that later)

So yeah, I lucked out and came across a good doctor on Practo and I thought I’d share my experiences and questions with you. I say ‘good’ because she actually took time out to explain stuff to me, she didn’t tell me to change up my entire routine and buy new products unnecessarily and she seemed semi excited when I told her about Peaches and Blush.

My Q to the doc: I have dry skin, and Im 28. I still haven’t gone seriously into the whole anti ageing thing.  I have a Midnight recovery serum which I love . Should I be looking at heavy duty anti ageing stuff?

Doc: Well, actually you should probably start at 30. For now, use sunscreen everyday and make sure your face is well moisturized. What do we mean when we say skin ageing? It means that if , say your skin cells would renew every 4 weeks ..then as you cross 30, the renewal process slows down and so your skin cells renew in maybe 7-8 weeks so the top layer of your skin becomes old and faded because the new cells arent coming up that fast.

So anti ageing products speed up the process of cell renewal. You could start if you want to, but you are still young and the Concentrate you are using at night – im sure it has some ingredients in it already.

Im going to tell you to continue using your sunscreen, your midnight recovery thing and change up your moisturizer to include something way more hydrating than what you are using.

My Q: Ok, so you are saying I don’t need creams with Retinol etc?

Doc: Well, its important to know what Retinol does. Retinol is like an exfoliator, it removes the top layer of your skin ..and hence prevents ageing because it removes the top layer and lets the fresh  skin cells come up faster .  In your case, you have dry skin…and Retinol is going to exfoliate it and actually make it dryer, so you could use it if you want, but it isn’t going to solve your dry skin issues.

My Q: Hmm.. Im taking the Olay 4 weeks challenge soon anyway, but ok what about my legs? (My legs have started getting these dark patches, and a lot of ingrown hair. It looks aweful in a skirt)

Doc: Ok, so two things are happening. One is a genetic condition where there are some melanin deposits on your leg. If you scratch these, they will probably get worse. I can give you some Retinol for your legs, so that they become better , but they wont get completely ok , The only thing is to keep them protected with sunblock so they don’t get worse.

In terms of ingrown hair, whether you wax or shave, if you have hard hair growth then chances are ingrown hair are bound to happen. The only way to really eliminate them is probably via laser hair removal which removes hair from the root.

My Q: Speaking of Laser, Im getting it done on my face and my underarms. Is it safe? Also what about the bikini area? Is it safe there

Doc: Diode laser- Absolutely! You can pretty much get laser done anywhere and it is completely safe


After a bunch of other discussions including how doctors read beauty blogs too (she said that while they know the medical side of things, they often dont know how a cream would ‘feel’ on the skin and beauty blogs help them for reviews of the same) , how she is writing a book about how to achieve glowing skin, and about how startups are grown, I said goodbye…not without asking her if she would like to maybe do a Q & A on Peachesandblush with our readers..

Would you be interested in having maybe a virtual Q & A session with her? She seemed up for it !!!

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