As I’v been juggling the Startup Entrepreneur face, and the beauty blogger face over the past few months , I realised just how much I missed having fun with beauty stuff. So when Business Standard wrote about WedMeGood getting funded and slapped this picture¬† of mine on it, I let out a little shriek. Ermm, yeah – Lets not talk about that picture – Its probably super ironic that I have 50 photos of me online because of this blog, and they chose to capture one photo where I look like a man (or as my best friend says- “Bhaiya chai lelo ” types)

“Baby its business standard, how does it matter how you look” quipped my husband. “IT MATTERS” I said with gritted teeth, and left in a huff. Co-incidentally, the same day this care package arrived with a box of Lakme Pop Tints and for a brief moment the excited Beauty blogger in me over took the entrepreneur in me and Iv been wearing this to office every day since. Note to self: Get a semi-official type photoshoot done with these pop tints, so people know there is a beauty blogger behind that venture.

Im still testing these out, so this is NOT a full review. Just a small preview. So far, I like the shades, not sold on the finish (its creasing a bit).



Stay tuned for detailed reviews !

Matte Lip tints are Lakme’s answer to Revlon Matte Balms and are priced at around 600 Rs

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