Sometimes, I think the help in my house thinks I’m certified insane.  She cannot fathom , for example why there are five of what looks like the exact same product on my shelf. She also cannot fathom why I am caught taking selfies early morning with a biga** camera which I can barely balance on one hand. It was only when she saw a youtube video of mine playing in my laptop that she came to the conclusion that I am an actress of some sort and such behaviour is only expected from small time starlets and she now lets me be. (I tried telling her Im a beauty blogger, but well, that conversation went nowhere).

Anyway, taking up a bit of space in my dresser are these shiny new thangs ! Loreal Paris’s latest import into India, they kindly sent all five shades for me to test out (Its just so hard to test foundations and powders when you get incorrect shade matches and the like).

These round compacts pack a punch. They come with a handy mirror, and a sponge inside so they are great to throw into your bag and not worry ever about your face looking shiney infront of a cute boy.  What I love the most about them – is that the powder is so fine, and when I apply these, its silky, soft and non cakey making for a pretty great, natural looking finish. The finish is almost creamy in a strange way, and is perfect to top up your foundation on, or for those who just want everyday light coverage, you can probably wear this alone too. What’s more- an SPA 35 and a PA+++ all at the price of 399/- makes me say “Sweeeeeet” to these cuties.

What could be better? Well, I guess if you are extremely oily skinned you may require a touch up or two within a couple of hours but on my skin this stays put. One thing I would have liked- would have been yellower shades. While my shade is somewhere kind of like an N6, and it looks great, I would have preferred a color between an N6 and a G7.




  • Silky , soft and blendable
  • Fine milled powder
  • Non cakey finish when applied right (dont be heavy handed. I prefer using these with a brush)
  • Come with a mirror and sponge.
  • Affordably priced
  • SPF 35 and PA+++
  • Light, natural coverage.


  • For girls with very oily skin, you may need a touch up quickly.
  • While the shade range is nice, I would have liked a yellower tone to find an exact match for me.

Verdict: A

Price: Rs 399/-

Shade Im closest to: N6

Recommendation: This is a great budget powder to have in your stash. Its soft, finely milled and blendable and gives light coverage which is perfect to wear over your foundation. I would have liked the shades to be more yellow toned to match my skintone, but at this price point I think this is a really great buy.


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