You know those posts people love sharing on Facebook ?  The “30 things you should do before you hit 30” kinds which are sometimes full of really moronic things like …this little gem that was shared on my timeline the other day… “Watch video games” and “Fire a gun” . Umm. Yeah.  (Who wrote that, a 8 year old boy?)

Anyway , one of those things almost always features  is : “Take a girls trip“, and while I don’t believe in bucket lists, that’s something I think you should try and do every year. Whether you are married , single, committed, confused – travelling with your girls can be wayy more fun sometimes than lugging the guys around . Whether you are collapsing in laughter over the friend who has a british accent when she is drunk, pretending to be from Vishakhapatnam and changing your identity when boys approach you in a club, or just sitting in your PJ’s re-telling the stories you have told each other a million times already, its like my mom says “There is no backbone like sisterhood”

Now, before you guys get all excited thinking Im going to chronicle my adventures in Ibiza or Istanbul (though thats on the cards next year) , this girls trip I took recently was just to Mumbai (Insert dissapointed Waaa Waaaaaaa sound) . Two of our best friends are in Mumbai, and we just went to pay them a weekend visit, party a little and then headed to Aamby Valley on Sunday. I’m trying to upload a trip vlog, but its a bit all over the place currently , so I will probably just do a blog if that doesn’t work out. (Trip blogs= best blogs ever. Remember my Bachelorette trip blog)

Right so, whilst we were lazing in my friends Aamby Valley home (which by the way looked like it was out of the sets of Entourage. Their drawing room opened up into a private pool, so you could sit in the living area and dip your feet into the freaking pool.  More pictures of the house in the trip vlog/ blog but for now I decided to dress up a little for our evening out.


For those of you who follow me on Instagram, remember that bag I bought from the Pink Post it ?  I love how it instantly adds something extra, creates a statement and  makes the look more formal , plus Im a sucker for bags which have actual space to hold some stuff in it ! (I was kind of unsure of how to style it at first, but with a little help from my fellow bloggers over twitter I now have a host of suggestions . So far Iv been told- with hot pink., with a plain Indian outfit, with deep yellow, and with white and gold . Check , Check & Check. ;) )

The dress, I fell in love with the moment I saw it – who else is loving the influx of cool brands on Jabong . They now have New Look, Dorothy Perkins and Top shop (launching soon) . I loved the dress because it’s simple, super chic and VERY easy on the pocket . (1640 Rs are you kidding me?)

11937953_10153607207979661_5722424696320250410_o (1)

Outfit: Jabong India (from New Look)

Bag : Gayatri Chopra Bags

Flats: Zara

Sunglasses : Dolce & Gabbana

Okay, got to get back to editing that trip vlog now. So excited.

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