So I woke up today morning, glanced at the clock which read 9.35 am and sleepily opened my phone hoping no disaster has struck work. Instead I read this message from my mother:

” Tickets booked for you , me and Ujj for ‘The Intern’ . Couldn’t get a good row at a later show. So booked for 10:00 am. See you there”

My brain, which hadn’t got its morning shot of juice which enables it to function coherently, just did a “hmm” and moved on to the next message. Until …wait ..WHAT?? 10:00 am? That meant I had 25 minutes to shower, get ready, eat breakfast and reach the mall which was 15 minutes away.  What is with my mother ? Who books tickets for 10:00 am without even confirming when their daughter is going to be up !!! (Her reply to this question which I posed to her an hour later was – whats wrong with that, you should wake up at 8.30 am and that gives you plenty of time. Sigh. Mothers)

Anyway so in 25 minutes, I slipped into my long skirt and top, and as I munched down on my breakfast I called my Uber . Once inside the cab, I whipped out my mirror and let out a little shriek – I needed SOMEthing on my face! So quickly dabbed some Sunblock, my liner and reached for the Revlon Matte Balm in Audacious to perk up those lips  . Kind of apt I thought, cos it was kind of audacious of my mom to book those tickets.

Anyway, long story aside – These matte balms by Revlon are kind of my favourite beauty item of late. I love how easily they glide, the intense color payoff which makes them hide my pigmentation and they last over 6 hours easily. Seriously, can’t find a fault with them except that they have a tendency to settle into lines later on.

In terms of colors- Audacious is actually a neon orange and I know my camera hasn’t captured it on me very well . It’s not the most low maintainence color so it does say “Hey I’m here” when you enter a party, and so if you are someone who shies away from stronger colors, this may not be your cup of tea. For me, I love it – its orange without being Oompa Loompa ish and perfect for a hot summer day.

2-revloncolorburst16-revloncolorburst-matte-balm12334-revloncolorburst-matte-balm1-DSC09033Actual color is more orange than its looking in this photo.

Verdict : A

Price Rs 800/-

Recommendation: In terms of color- this is a bright orange which brightens your face and is definitely a ‘hey look at me’ shade. In terms of texture these matte balms are moisturizing, have a great finish, last long and glide on like a breeze !!! There is nothing really to fault in them except maybe that they do tend to settle into lines.

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