Hello to the girls logging in from work and dying for the day to get over. Yup, you know thats you !!! Iv done a bit of a PHD research into brown eyeshadows recently. (Well, I actually had plans in life to do my PHD in Economics, but after my masters I realized that another year of game theory and regression analysis would be akin to poking myself in the head with a thousand needles. Not that I didnt love me some prisoners dilemma and Xbeta equations but 5 more years of that same was too much a long term commitment to make. I mean, who can commit 5 years of their life to anything really ¬†. Good thing the boy doesn’t read my blog or my marriage would be on some seriously shaky ground right now)

Coming back to this little post-crease shadows are like the unsung heroes of eyeshadows. They dont sparkle all bright like your lid shadow and they dont  work as eyeliners but they are THE MOST important shadow in your stash because theyr the ones that make your eye shape look all wonky and fah-bulous darling.


1. Mac Folie: Great for lighter and medium skin girls. Folie is just a soft matte brown, and is great for everyday neutrals, for creating depth and dimension and is about a tone darker than my skintone so works for most looks. I was recommended Folie by a makeup artist , and have loved it ever since, but duskier girls may find it doesn’t show up on their skin.


2. Mac Embark: Newest purchase, Embark is deeper than Folie and is great for medium to dusky skintones. I love to use Embark for things like brown smokey eyes, or when I really want a more dramatic crease shadow as folie can be a bit mild. I actually use Folie in the high crease area and then Embark right into the crease for some serious drah-ma.


3. Mac Mulch: My sisters fav, and even though it has bits of shimmer in it she says that for dusky girls, there aint no shadow like the Mac Mulch shadow. I dont quite understand how a sheeny, shimmery shadow works as a crease shadow but hey, it looks great on her so no judging


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