I’m a self confessed ‘beauty detective’. That basically means, when I meet people I look at their makeup and go-‘Ooh thats probably Mac Impassioned, that’s Mac Kinda Sexy, that’s just vaseline’ and so on. Its a really wierd habit (not to mention kind of rude because people don’t get why Im staring at their lips) and it crops up at the most annoying times like when I was watching Aishwarya Rai’s new song Bandeya and my fingers automatically hit the pause button halfway through because her lip color was this stark, matte vampy shade that made a beauty detective like me really put on my ‘Sherlock’ hat to figure it out.

Now, Im not a vampy lip girl. I don’t get it people I just don’t. I think I look like Im spouting venom when I wear vampy colors, the boy thinks Iv just eaten cola bar or something and my mom will probably make some statement like “Beta there is something wierd on your lips”. Uh yes mom. Its lipstick.

BUT, here are five colors that work pretty well for vampy lips for Indian skintones.

#1 Pure Garnet by L’oreal: Part of the L’oreal Pure Reds collection, Pure Garnet is probably the most easy to wear Vampy lip color for Indian skintones because it works so well with warmer complexions. It leans more ruby pink than purple so its a super flattering color for lighter and darker tones.

#2 Nyx Copenhagen Soft Matte Lip cream: Y’know I have a love affair with Nyx Soft Matte Lip creams right? Sao Paulo is probably my favourite lip product ever apart from my Mac lipsticks, and Copenhagen is the color of mulled wine. It’s got a bit of a purple undertone to it so I think this is best worn by lighter skin girls . Love the matte finish though. So gorge.

#3 Mac Rebel Lipstick: Super glamorous, Rebel is the fun version of a deep dark vampy lip. Its almost like a dark, delicious berry color and while I personally don’t love it on me I think deeper skintones will love Rebel.

#4 Mac Amorous Lipstick: Amorous is for the girls who want to try the vampy lip without it looking vampy. It isn’t a very strong , deep color but more like a deep pink with a hint of mauve in it. It looks sophisticated and polished, and while for darker skintones you can pass of Amorous as just a deep pink you would throw on for a night out. for medium and lighter ones it can double as a vampy color.

#5 Maybelline Refined Wine : Refined Wine is part of the Maybelline Jewels collection which launched a while back. It’s closer to Nyx Copenhagen but less purplish. Good one to try for a Vampy lip on a budget.

 Have a vampy lip color you love? Comment below and tell me?

Also whats your fav way to wear a Vampy lip? Would you like a tutorial?

Am I annoying you by asking too many questions?

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