Time it took for me to come up with that ridiculously cheesy title : 3 minutes.

Time it took me to realize the title was cheesy : 30 seconds

Time it takes me to make my winged eyeliner even on both eyes: 456,789002001 minutes

Actually, the last one is a bit of a trick question. No matter how much you try, that winged eye will always annoy the life out of you with one side poking out longer than the other. But when it comes to a winged eye, Iv realized that it’s all about the brush  bro ! Here are my top picks for winged eyeliners.

1. Lakme Absolute Shine Line Black: Here is the thing about this liner. When I first used it I thought- meh ! It is kind of runny and watery, which it kind of is ..but BUT it is the PERFECT liner for a winged eye because  the brush length and width and wand length is PERFECT! It is those “One stroke is perfect ” type of brushes , and also it doesn’t dry quickly so you can adjust any mistakes you make. Also- the watery bit,  yes it could be a better consistency, but because of the nice matte black finish and the amazing brush I find that making a winged eye with this liner really works. Could do better in the longevity department.

Price: Rs 332/- via Ebay

2. Natio Liquid Eyeliner: Used this on a recent shoot to do a winged eye and fell in love with this. It’s jet black, it has a super thin brush and a long handle. The long handle means that you should probably get this if you are used to applying liners, because newbies can get a bit overwhelmed with it but this gave me the most beautiful winged eye in minutes (I have to add Im a liner pro because I don’t wear kajal and have been wearing liner since eons) . Also lasted super long, and the liner itself is gorgeous consistency.

Price: Rs 745 via amazon

3. Maybelline  The Collosal Liner or Maybelline Hyper Sharp Eyeliner: This one is a felt tip liner (kind of) , and because it is so skinny, you can really get down to the nitty gritties of your winged eye.  It has a glossy finish and I don’t love that but if gloss is your thing, then making a winged eye with this one is pretty easy too.

Price: 402/- via Nykaa

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