The last time a glass bottle gave me this much happiness was on my bachelorette party, and the contents of it were Rose wine . The difference with this bottle- not only does this give me happiness but it also makes me much prettier (as opposed to what Rose did to my face the next morning. Puffy monster. Shudder)

Bobbi Brown claims that their Intensive skin serum foundation is skincare and makeup rolled into one. All I can say is, well it works Bobbi because  this is my new HG foundation (co-incidentally the previous one was also from Bobbi Brown) and here is why:

1. The finish is STUNNING. Its not dewy per se, but it adds a definite lift and glow to my face

2. It has an SPF of 40. Sunscreen goodbye!

3. It has good solid coverage without being cakey. I kid you not, it looks so effortless blended into my skin, sometimes even I forget I have something on

4. It’s lightweight and long lasting

5. Super hydrating, I don’t need a moisturizer underneath!

6. Super soft and silky to blend

7. How many times do you see foundations in chic black bottles haan?

Seriously, nothing to fault here. But if I had to nitpick, I would say  I’m not a fan of the dropper packaging. A nice pump dispenser would have done just about fine.

I think what works so well here is that this is a foundation you could easily just wear for a light day out shopping, but then it also doubles up as something you would wear out to a wedding. MUST BUY.


Wearing a very light layer of Bobbi brown intensive serum. Love the soft focus glow this gives and how effortless it looks.

Verdict: A+

Price: Rs 4000 something

Recommendation: LOVE. Love the soft focus glow, love the coverage, love how it looks effortless on the skin.

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