I’m having a bit of a lark watching Paris Fashion Week online. So far, Balmain was an absolute treat to watch in terms of outfits and the use of color , but I’v also been keeping an eye on beauty because so much of what beauty brands will come out with gets dictated by what the shows sport at Fashion week.

If there is one word to describe beauty trends this year- its Breezy. Soft dewy skin is back, lips are soft and stained, and eyes are neutral and barely there. Think “I woke up like this” kind of a look. No harsh kohl, no harsh liner- everything is soft and blurry and “Au Naturel”

Soft, smudgy eyes



Loved the eyes at Balenciaga. Soft smudgy brown on the lower lashline, white in the inner corners, thin black liner on top. Very wide awake and doe eyes



Natural , Sheeny skin


Hurrah for the return of dewy skin. Skin was left looking natural- think of loading up on your moisturizer and then using concealer to just conceal spots without foundation. Fresh, and breezy

Stained lips



At Chloe, loved the just eaten a berry kind of lip stains. No heavy lipsticks or glosses. An easy way to achieve this- apply a really dark lipstick , wait for five minutes and wipe it off with a tissue. The stain you are left behind is gorge !

“Just out of bed” hair



Messy, unruly hair that doesn’t need to be primped and prepped. Yay for bad hair days :p



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