The first time I tasted wine was at a school party and I thought blech ! The next time , I ended up having five glasses and..well..I dont remember much of that night. Cut to today, and the only kind of alcohol I like to drink is wine (or Malibu rum) , so when there is wine involved in skincare I am always curious . Will it be an ‘acquired taste’ kind of product like wine is, will it give me the same sort of buzzy happiness that wine can give?

Well, I ventured into unfamiliar territory with the Wine Jelly Sleeping pack by Innisfree. It’s less of a pack as such, but more of a cream. Just apply it at night before going to bed like a cream and wake up to rejuvenated skin- or so it claims.

First of, this cream/pack thing smells of fermented grapes- which I love. The minute you put this on, its kind of like being transported to a vineyard, crushing grapes in a barrel. YUM. (Note to self: Must crush grapes in barrel before turning thirty)

In terms of effects- I definitely need more moisture in my products. I have dry skin and this does the very bare minimum job of moisturizing. However, it does make me wake up with a nice , taut glow to my face so I am going to reserve this for the summer months where my moisture needs are lower.


Verdict: B 

Price: Rs 1100/-

Recommendation: Nice to have, smells great and makes me wake up with a slight glow, however it does the bare minimum in the moisture department. It really needs to up its moisture quotient, for me to consider it seriously.

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