People, have you SEEN the photos of girls camping outside H&M for the opening day. I mean seriously ladies, priorities – there is nothing in life  I will camp overnight for unless they are giving out like free tickets to travel the world the next morning or something. But anyhow, one of the more exciting perks in recent times is that we got to shop at H&M two days before it actually opened at their Pre-launch party! (PS: If you follow me on Insta you may have spotted some videos)

It was a slightly surreal experience because there was paparazzi and a red carpet and it was SO AWKWARD walking down that red carpet. I could see the visibly confused looks on peoples faces saying “HAIN.. Yeh kaun hai” . But here is what went down at the store…14-hm-013

Shopping was accompanied with some absolutely yummy treats like this Mascarpone & Berry dessert, glasses of wine and Champagne and killer music


These two girls belted out tunes as we tried clothes. Confessions: I spent atleast 7 minutes dancing to Uptown funk in the trial room, while I should have been trying clothes. “Harlem…Hollywood…Jackson…Missisippi”


I also spent a good 3 minutes clicking myself after I stopped dancing.


There isn’t too much of the store that I could photograph amongst the sea of people.


Tracksuits for winter were a definite hit..but most of all the gorgeous basics were a treat. I bought a ton of basics- like plain white shirts, tights, a shirt dress and some fun stuff. Show you guys soon!


Accessories, hats and scarves. But my FAVOURITE section of all was the lingerie section. Ah-mazing and such GREAT prices. Lace bra’s for 1200 is a dream these days people. Sorry couldnt click too much there.




OMG I couldn’t resist this sweater. Like whenever someone is acting stupid , Im just going to point to my chest. But that might get awkward if that someone is male and he thinks Im asking him to check out my… never mind.13-hm-012

Did I tell you Lisa Haydon, Jacqueline Fernandes and Ranveer Singh made an appearance? Yeah. That happened.

1-hm1And then..this happened, making my wallet a ton lighter.

In short go to H&M for:

– Lingerie: Really nice lingerie at great prices !

– Basics: Want to stock up on plain t shirts? All colors and all types of necklines starting at 399/-

– Office clothing: Smart shirts, tailored pants

– Winter wear: I scored a gorgeous navy knit cardigan and other sweaters for about 1799/- each. I didn’t spot too many overcoats which we Delhi girls love in winters and that was surprising.

– Formal clothing: Pretty shirt dresses, silk blouses, wrap skirts. Lots of lovely outfits for your dinner dates


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