What is it with mothers? Take mine for instance. She recently asked me  what I wanted for my anniversary and I mentioned I needed new clothes.  Here is how the conversation flowed post that.

She: “You don’t need clothes. You have too many”

Me: “No mom, I need clothes. Please buy me clothes”

She: “Okay”

Next morning , I opened what my mom bought for me on my anniversary. Enter – large, shiny, trophy in pure silver from Belirams. I’m not kidding. You know like the Trophy in Harry Potter for the Quidditch world cup. That. My mom excitedly proclaimed it to be a fruit bowl and I racked my brain to understand where to fit this 3 ft tall monstrosity in my house. How in the world did Clothes I need = silver trophy is beyond my comprehension. So I smiled and put it up in my drawing room (and now everyone who enters asks me what I won that for. So far Iv been making up stories- Short skirt competition, Smartest person contest & eating contest)

Anyway all this has absolutely nothing to do with the Lakme Absolute Lip Pout, except that I got these as parts of my anniversary present from Lakme (or I just assumed that since they arrived that day) , and since my anniversary day was spent working I took the liberty of testing out a new color every hour much to the amusement of my office peeps.

So this one right here is called Pink Fantasy, and its a warm, bright , raspberry pink. It’s a pretty color and all- one that most Indian skintones will love to wear as it complements warm skintones perfectly.

As far as rest of the stuff- there are a few hiccups . First these don’t glide smoothly at all. They do tend to tug at your lips and drag out which is a bummer. Next- these are dryyyyyiinnnggg girl. I mean, like I can handle dry lipsticks but given that I actually really like the Revlon Matte Balms and how comfortable they are, these were dissapointing. Third, these exaggerate fine lines a LOT. Pigmentation wise these are fine, you will have to go over once or twice but the rest of the factors make these a bit meh.



Shade is darker in person. Also these get matter within ten minutes. I clicked this just when I applied it!

Verdict : C

Price: Approx 650 /-

Recommendation : These lip pouts are chubby little sticks of color. But they exaggerate fine lines, are kind of drying and tug on the lips. They do last but honestly I’m a bit dissapointed.

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