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Lotus Professional PhytoRX Smooth Skin Anti-ageing Face Wash Review

From the very first usage of this product, I have to say I could see results. I could see softer clearer skin and not much need to moisturize. I have combination skin these days, and I like to moisturize every day. But with this wash, I did not feel any kind of stretchy feel on the skin. Moreover, the scrub granules are just right. They are not very very concentrated, and they are not too rounded for no action at all. They do the job with gentle care.

The scrub granules are the size you could use every day. They are not very harsh, the crème wash is gentle, it does not lather much. But it still gives you cleaner skin. It even removes light makeup and it says it is okay to use the wash on the eyes, which baffled me. Is it so gentle that it is fine to be used on our gentle eye skin? I did, and I could not see any dryness on the eyes either.

Now the reason I loved it so much is that this is a perfect blend of a soft scrub but in a crème face wash. So you are actually getting a scrubbed clean and a soft moisturized skin using this one single product.

I say it is true to all its claims, it dissolves light makeup, improves skin texture, and improves the look of dull skin,  that is why I love it so much! You might say the price is too much for a face wash, but trust me it is worth it. You can see clearer skin and also feel the skin getting smoother. It has not done anything for my open pores BTW. I have occasional pimple, so I cannot comment on this wash being apt for acne but yes, it does work on anti-aging by giving you smooth and supple skin.

The fact that is cruelty-free and also does not have preservatives is a cherry on top but it does have SLS. The tiny issue I might like to point out will be that now that the tube is over, I am seeing no miraculous results, looks like my skin has gotten immune to it. But in the beginning, the results will amaze you. This kind of immunity my skin faces with a lot of things, after a while, the same product would not work for me as well, as it did before. Does it happen to you as well?

I got this from a store which has a huge range of Lotus professional products. This range is super impressive. I cannot wait to try their other professional range as well now. I would even like to repurchase this very facewash again.

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Pros :

  • Preservative-free
  • Dissolves light makeup
  • Cruelty free
  • Gives clear skin
  • Improves skin texture
  • Lasts a long time
  • Lathers less, which is a plus for me
  • Scrub granules are just right for everyday use
  • Great for dry, aging and normal skin


  • Some may like large scrub particles
  • Some may not like the creamy feel
  • Nothing great for oily skin
  • Price could be called steep for a face wash
  • Might stop working after much usage, try to rotate it with another product.
  • Some may not like the soft slippery feel it leaves behind.

Rating: A-


RecommendationFor sure, for dry to normal and aging skin. This wash will amaze you, I am very happy and I will repurchase it surely.

Guest Review By Neha

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