Over the last few months, Iv been standing infront of my cupboard with my hands on my hips, wondering “I have nothing to wear”. And, I know you are thinking- Been there, done that . But with me I genuinely felt like I had a grand total of 5 outfits that I would wear everywhere inspite of having a closet full of clothes. So I did what I know how to do best- analyse . (That economics degree should be put so some use I say).

There were two reasons why I felt like I didn’t have anything to wear

1.) While my wardrobe had a lot of “unique” pieces that I had bought, it lacked classics. So when it came to pairing up things with each other I was at a loss. While I had that sequinned, tribal inspired skirt- there was only so much I could do with it.  I didn’t have a solid pair of black pants, a pencil skirt or a clean white blouse which would mix and match with everything.

2.) While my pinterest board had some fabulous outfits from fashion bloggers which I would have loved to wear, when I went shopping my brain would just gravitate towards the stuff that I always bought. For eg: My brain had  been attuned to thinking- shirts are boring (one of the side effects of working in a corporate you start to hate shirts), but when I looked at my pinterest board, a lot of the outfits I loved were actually things I would never pick out on my own. I realised I was still buying clothes for a 21 year old me, while I wanted to look like a 28 year old me.

So I did a bit of a “Closet Cleanse”. I set out a budget, put in some rules and revamped my wardrobe. Here are a few things that went out.


OUT: Tube Tops

When I was a teenager, a party meant a tube top. While I still think they are fun, I just didn’t feel as pretty in them anymore. I wanted to be able to look chic, and put together at a party while still being sexy and somehow a tube top didn’t give off that vibe. Switched these up for ‘Slinky tops’ (read in the ‘IN’ section)



OUT: Boring Work wear Shirts

The reason I found shirts boring- because I had really boring shirts! Think the standard kind you pick up when you start office- collared, plains or striped. They dont fit the best and there is nothing unique or super flattering about them. I switched these up for more detail oriented, fun shirts .



 OUT: Capri pants

Just don’t think they work on me, and my legs end up looking like little sticks.


OUT: Forever 21

Don’t get me wrong, I still go crazy over Forever 21 sometimes, but when it comes to certain pieces its best to invest in something more sturdy. I like going to Forever for tights, jeggings, just cute little basic items . But the days of me raiding Forever 21 from top to bottom are definitely over.



IN: Slinky Tops

As an alternative to all the tube tops, I bought a whole lot of slinky, strappy tops. Think clothing that leaves something to the imagination, in a slinky fabric, with deep cuts down the side, or with a super sexy back. Its like the grown up version of party dressing.


IN: Classic Blouses

It’s the one thing that I have found I can wear to work, to dinner, for a date or to a corporate event. Its stylish, formal and looks put together !5-closet-cleanse-how-to-dress-mid-twenties-004

IN: Shirt dresses, & fashion forward shirts that mix work and play

Im loving my new shirts ! I bought a plaid check shirt since they are so in these days and for the rest I picked up some hi-low ones, some pleated ones, a denim one and a few shirt dresses to really make a statement


IN: High waisted trousers, skinny jeans, white pants, all forms of  tights.

I realised that as a teen , or as someone in my early twenties , I didn’t think of bottoms as much. A few pairs of jeans is all I thought i needed. So wrong. I bought high waisted pants, white jeans, pallazos and lots of tights in a lot of colors.7-closet-cleanse-how-to-dress-mid-twenties-006

IN: Colors I usually wouldn’t have picked

I usually tend to gravitate towards coral or bright pink or maybe turquoise when I am shopping. This time I made a legit effort to go for colors I may not have naturally picked. So a mustard, an olive green, a marsala. It made a huge difference in changing up my look.




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