After about 28 years of my existence, I think Iv figured out what my version of comfort clothing is. Tights- long tee  or tights- knit sweater or tights- button down shirt. I was analysing all the outfits I wear while browsing my Insta feed and I realised I pretty much live in that silhouette.

Anyhoo, for now here is my lust list for this fortnight:


1. OPI Miami Beet Nail polish: Purple is a color that doesn’t usually evoke anything pleasant in me. Literally the only kind of purple that doesnt’t make me look ill is this sort of wine, deep purple. But with winter around the color, OPI Miami Beet is just singing my name over and over again.


2. Glitter Sweater outfit: So if you know me,then you would know that knit + sparkly stuff = me becoming a kid in a candy store. Love the sparkly bits on this knit sweater and how its been styled with a plum purple scarf.


3. Tan wedges with cutout detailing: Edgy, but feminine at the same time. So purrrty. Any leads on where I can find similar shoes in Delhi?


4. Becca Highlighting kit: I remember trying out a few products from Becca on my trip to NY ( Sigh…New York. I wanna go back) . Then spotted this highlighting kit on Temptalia. Basically these highlighters have a warmer peach glow which I love, as opposed to the strong, sharp highlighters available these days.


5. Python embossed large clutch bag: Iv been in love with these and have been seeing them everywhere but cant seem to find a good one around. Also I know if I buy one, then I wouldn’t know how to hold it. Do i just hold it in my fingers, do I slip it under my underarm, do I scrunch it up?

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