Eeep 1 month to go for the Udaipur  & Goa weddings. If you have been following me on Snapchat, or Insta you may have spotted the boy getting suited up and trying on his outfits while I click bored selfies in the mirrors outside . (Seriously, like menswear is no fun. Oh whoopie you wore stripes instead of solids. So  exciting)

Anywayyyyyy, here is what has been happening

Goa Wedding

So my sis in law came, shopped and then went to Mumbai to shop some more and she is finally DONE with all her shopping. We raided Shahpur Jat like crazy and her welcome night and Mehendi outfits are from there.

Her welcome night outfit is a blush colored saree gown, but her mehendi outfit is my favvvvv! My mom in law was having palpitations about how light it is. The thing about that generation- they equate heavy-ness with amount of work on an outfit.I keep saying mommm this has “Draaamaa”…outfits with drama look heavy you know.

Its basically a full, flouncy skirt in a chevron print fabric with a white crop top with beads on it. Shall be accessorized with a waist belt to keep the “this is too light” brigade happy.

Saree Gown from: Kanika Kapoor, Shahpur Jat

Mehendi outfit from: Salt & Spring, Shahpur Jat

Udaipur wedding

Yours truly is in charge of ordering favors for the ‘Sainth’. But this in charge person is busy trying to figure out what to wear herself. I had nicely bookmarked 1-2 big function outfits and then light outfits for functions like the mehendi and sainth but guess what. The sainth itself has some 400 people and the Mehendi has an even larger guest list. Sigh. The dramatics of big fat punjabi weddings.

Anyway here is what we are doing for sainth favors…

Cocktail rings with Mirror and Gota from Nino Creations, Pakistan.

For those of you looking for something similar in Delhi, check out Gazal Gupta in Shahpur Jat.

The “How can you wear artificial jewellery” thing

So here is the thing. On the cocktail, I’m planning to wear a Cape lehenga. Its modern and chic and wearing traditional Indian with it is kind of pointless. So me and my cousin (who is wearing the same lehenga) decided we would get some stuff from Outhouse or Prerto or something and wear that instead.

Ofcourse. Enter our mothers.

You can’t wear artificial jewellery beta. Its your first cousins wedding. This is not done beta.  Yeh toh peetal hai. Aye Haye.

Sigh. If it were upto me I would wear artificial jewellery for life people – Peetal or no Peetal (After all, yeh duniya peetal di ) . Specially in destination weddings- who wants to carry real stuff there and then have palpitations every time you cant find your necklace. Not me. Besides Im wearing real jewellery on the wedding day and other stuff, why do I need to do it on the cocktaillllll?????


Saw these pretty Ombre clutches at Bridal Asia from LovetoBag and now I wanna buy one!


Dubai trip coming up

So me and the boy have not travelled together ever since our honeymoon. (If you ask him he will say But baby we went to Jim Corbett and Mussoorie . To this he will be met with a deathly stare worse than Voldemort would have given him had someone tried to kill his horcrux).

So we are taking a short 3 day trip to Dubai because as of now we can only spare 3 days. (I swear girls, next year whether with the boy or without I am taking atleast 2 International trips. Anyone want to join me? Seriously. Boys always have schedules anf they are busy. I am seriously thinking of travelling alone , or just grabbing a travelling partner and winging it)



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