What would you like Santa to bring you this year girlies? I have put together a rather expensive wishlist involving multiple vacations to countries far, far away. While I think of other stuff to add to it,  and head to mommies house for Christmas to drown my cold in some hot chicken soup (Currently, that sounds orgasmic right now) , I thought that sickness should NOT be an excuse to NOT wear red lipstick. So here are my current favourite red lipsticks !


1. L’oreal Pure Vermeil : LOVE love this. If you are medium skintone and struggle to wear red, always pick up a red with an orangey or coral undertone and Pure Vermeil is exactly that. It makes me feel like a Diva, boss people around and go wear my cat -eye sunglasses with my nose in the air.


2.  Mac Scarlet Ibis: Super wearable red, with an orange undertone that will look fab on warmer skintones. It’s my cult red lipstick, but I think Pure Vermeil is quite close to this though its a tad redder


3. Mac Russian Red: So I know, Ruby Woo is the more warmer of the two reds by Mac and thats the one that most Indians prefer. While Russian Red is a bit too cool toned for me, when I want a true red, I do turn to it at times and when you do your base makeup right, this looks fab! If you are lighter skintoned, then I think you need to get on the Russian Red Boat specially since Ruby Woo is so darn drying.

Photo: Into Candid Photography

4. Miss Claire Lip Cream: So I was at a shoot for WedMeGood when the makeup artist whipped out this super affordable tube of red yumminess. Literally, the girls at the shoot swooned over it like they had just seen Ryan Gosling shirtless. These are available in Alfa store in Mumbai, and sometimes you can get lucky and find them at a local Delhi store but availability is quite annoying .



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