Olay-10 I’ve just always put it on genes- how some women just seem to forever look in their late twenties. My aunt is like that- her skin always seems to glow , the appearances of wrinkles is negligible and in general she looks like she could pass off as a 28 year old (though she is more than 10 years older than that). And for those wondering, no. She hasn’t got botox.

Seems like Olay was wondering the same thing. Olay carried out an in-depth research that shows how gene expression changes impact the appearance and quality of women’s skin as they age across every decade.

Olay’s breakthrough Multi-Decade and Ethnicity (MDE) study reveals biological commonalities among a unique subset of women who look exceptionally younger than their age. Additionally, the research found specific gene expression changes that impact the skin aging process during each decade of a woman’s life.

Olay identified a unique skin fingerprint among these “exceptional skin agers” . They found that a set of genes, specifically responsible for skin and moisture barrier formation and anti-oxidant production among other things.. The MDE study found that although we all have these genes in our skin, how strongly these genes are expressed in the skin is distinct in “exceptional skin agers”. So what determines how strongly these genes influence us : It’s a combination of environmental factors, lifestyle choices and even skincare habits. Specifically –  sleep, stress, diet, and pollution are some of the key factors causing ageing. (I stay in Delhi , so that last factor is scaring me!)

The big news is that research conducted in-vitro has confirmed that Olay can help all women have skin like an exceptional ager with the benefit profile and proprietary ingredient combination in Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream, namely Niacinamide (vitamin B3), pal-KTTKS (peptide), Olivem and Lyslastine. Olay was delighted to discover that they already had a great technology to help women age exceptionally well, so that their skin does not show their age.

The Olay Regenerist range has shown to help reverse signs of aging, helping women achieve ageless skin that looks 10 years younger than their age without cosmetic procedure.

I already tried their Total Effects range, but will be trying out the Regenerist range as well ! Will share once I do try the products

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