When this packet was delivered to my moms house the other day, it got three reactions:

1. My brother: “Is it a sausage?”

2. My grandmom : Beta toffee aee hai tere liye (Child, there is a toffee for you)

3. Me: ” Is it just me or is that wrapping paper a bit creepy. So many eyes staring at me. Shudder”

I kind of have an eye phobia. Things with too many eyes on them – shudder.

Anyway, after that initial hullaballoo I found out its Bobbi Browns new Eye Opening Mascara . Basically this mascara opens your eyes to the world of injustice . No it doesn’t. It basically gives you volume, curl and length to ensure you get bigger and more beautiful, wide open ¬†eyes.

I took for a bit of a spin and here is what I thought:


  • Thick, Chubby handle thats easy to grip. I like chubby handles and I cannot lie
  • It definitely delivers on all three fronts- volume, length and curl . My puny lashes get a dash of sexy with this on so its drama in a bottle
  • Makes my eyes look dark and dramatic !
  • Long lasting



  • Because of the wand, you can get too much product = clumpiness.
  • Not the lightest mascara to use – I can feel it on my lashes



One stroke of the mascara on top lash

Verdict: B+

Price: 2200/-

Recommendation: This mascara is definitely the most dramatic out of all of Bobbi’s mascaras its tried- it gives you curl , volume , length and color in one stroke. As a personal preference, I like mascaras that are slightly lighter in weight even if that means compromising on volume. But if you are a drama queen then go for it !


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