When there are only two flights connecting Delhi to Jodhpur , and you are attending your cousin brothers wedding with over 700 guests invited you can be rest assured your entire flight is pretty much going to have a “Hum Saath Saath Hai” feel.

Yup, felt a bit like a giant Suraj Barjatiya movie , except we were in track pants and didn’t have tacky jewellery on. Also we didn’t burst into songs .

A quick 40 minute flight and 2 croissants later we landed in Jodhpur’s quaint little airport and as I innocently asked someone which luggage belt our stuff was arriving on (because the ONE THING that was coming in my nightmares was that my outfits would be stolen in the middle) , I was met with a dumbfounded stare “Yeh Jodhpur hai Madam, ek hee luggage belt hai aur voh bhi aadhe time chalti hai”.

Okay then.

We quickly got into our cabs and headed to Umaid Bhavan for a quick lunch. First impressions of Umaid- OH.MY.GOD. I am not someone who gets taken in by big palaces and truth be told I find big weddings a bit tacky personally but Umaid is like out of an old Indian fairytale. Yummy Laal Maas, and Gol gappas later we were told to be ready for the youngsters night at 7 pm

01-bridalfiles (6)

I think this may be the last wedding where Ill be invited to the “Youngsters” because I was probably one of the oldest people there !!! I wore a rather cliched outfit- short and tight bodycon dress to show off the newly gymmed arms ;) The youngsters party was a bit like how I imagine engineering colleges- guy is to girl ratio being 10 is to 1. So you can imagine how the pretty 21 year olds were feeling- at the top of the world. While most of the boys side was partying wee into the night , the girls side arrived and the bride looked stunning in smokey eyes and an Anamika Khanna outfit. Don’t have pics to show here and they’r a private couple so I don’t think I can show their pics either but she killed it.  Except suddenly, when their side entered in classy Indo-westerns , flowy kurtis and expensive  draped saris – me and my cousins bodycon outfits just looked like umm…Yeah. “Mehak” whispered my cousin- “Yeh toh humare Sainth (pooja)  ke kapde hai” . Well, what can you say we interpret youngsters dress code differently ;) .





For those of you who followed me on Snapchat you would be aware of what happened during the night. Lots and lots of alcohol, vaguely remember dancing on a speaker, repeating “Vakhra Swag” about a million times, convincing a young couple who was dating that I actually had three kids and still looked like this and randomly finding myself dancing in the midst of strangers  . Actually I didnt remember the last part, until the next morning whee the boy reminded me of the same. In my defense, I was in dire need of a break since a while.

We came home at about 3 in the morning, exhausted completely and crashed on the bed, knowing fully well I would have to get up early to get ready for mehendi while the boy could just catch a wink or two. The Mehendi was a girls side function, so we had to reach together, and I didn’t want to overdress for the part . So I paired the bottom of a heavy sharara I own, with a plain kurta and heavy dupatta. Chunky Chaand Baalis and  I was set.

09-bridalfiles (10)11-bridalfiles (9)10-bridalfiles (4)

The mehendi decor was so much fun and so funky and instantly set the mood for dhol and dancing. The girls side here was not Punjabi, so we were pleasantly surprised at the Dhol and Punjabi numbers which I’m sure would have been boring their side to death. But , since this was a Marwari function, and they are ofcourse known for their theatrics, there were also games played which I enthusiastically participated in for the first ten minutes and then slinked off to have jaljeera and kulfi. For those wanting to know- the games involved rewarding the girl with the longest hair (and since i have no hair on my head I obviously didnt qualify). The funniest was when I saw 5 girls on stage with long hair and the audience had to vote, I was screaming for Girl # 5 . Later found out Girl#5 was actually the maid for one of the kids in the wedding (and theres nothing wrong about that) , but she had mistakenly assumed that the prize which the commentator jokingly said was a Bmw , was actually for real.

No bro. I wouldv entered the contest then you know what I mean?

Pink Bodycon dress: Gifted by my mom in law from Hong Kong

Pink Sharara : The bottom and dupatta is from Anarkali, Karol Bagh. The top is a random kurti.

Earrings: Chaand Baalis from Pal Dzigns

Cousin sisters anarkali: Tarun Tahiliani

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