This has been a surprisingly warm winter no folks? Delhi people will agree – New Years Eve meant freezing my butt off usually, but this time I was suprisingly comfortable in my shorts and woollen tights . Maybe because once you get older you also realise the value of keeping warm while still looking stylish and come winter, there are some things I cannot do without people. These make you feel like yr wrapped in a blanket while still looking like a fashionista.



1. Marks & Spencers Heat Gen Inners:

Its every fashionista’s best kept secret. These thermals are thinner than your cotton t shirt, they are super snug but the Heat gen formula totally works and once you have these on, you can just add on one layer and still be warm ! No need to wrap on the layers !

Buy it : Marks & Spencer, 1500 Rs each


2. Tights lined with Fleece.

Best. Invention. Ever. Seriously people, if there were like awards for best winter clothing, these would be numero uno hands down. These look like cotton tights, but on the inside they are lined with fleece (Some are even lined with fur but those are hard to find in India). They are warmer than your jeans, and once you wear this with a nice little skirt, you will be snugger than a bug in a rug and still look ultra hot

Buy it : I get mine from GK 1 M Block Market. They cost like 350 Rs for one.


3. Snoods

Love these infinity scarves. They wrap nicely, keep you warm and instantly add something snazzy to your outfit

Buy it: Online !


4. Fleece lined track suits.

I’m a big believer in looking good while you are lounging about at home. In winters, nothing comes close to matching track suit sets. Some are in velour, some are lined with fleece and they fit to show the shape of your body.

Buy it: Marks & Spencer, Juicy Couture , Sarojini Nagar Market  . Iv got two- One from Victoria Secret (8000Rs) and one for M&S which is not as warm (3000 Rs)


5. Cute Beanie Caps

Beanie caps, skull caps and all kinds of woollen awesome ness is available at cutesy stores these days. I love these , even though they look terrible on me – they just make me feel warm, fuzzy and fashionable.

Buy it : Claires, prices start at 500 Rs . Got one in blue and white recently


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