Winters the time for cuddling ,  folks !  Am I right or Am I right? Whether its with your furry little friend (and no I don’t mean boyfriends who dont shave) , or with your better half, or just some random dude you meet at New Years Eve (cos those are fun) – you need to be prepared for snuggle action any time.

Unfortunately, when your brain & heart is being all fuzzy and going “Mmmmm”, your lips are going “Argghhhh”. Hence, I need two products inside my bag to keep my arsenal ready for unplanned snuggle action.

The first is a recent find- L’occitane Melting Honey Lip Balm. Confession- the name kind of makes me love the product a bit more. Like how could you not like something called Melting Honey. Thats impossible. But overall, love how luscious and smooth and moisturizing this is. My problem is this thing doesn’t last so after 4 hours my lips cry out again

The second is the Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry. This one has a really soft, pretty tint on the lips and it keeps em soft and smooth throughout the day. Sooooo good. This one lasts long, acts as a tinted lip balm and looks pretty when you whip it out of your bag.

1-loccitane-lipbalm 2-loccitane-lipbalm-melting-honey3-clinique-chubbystick3-clinique-chubbystick4-clinique-chubby-stick


2-lipbalm 1-DSC09275Top: Melting Honey, Bottom: Clinique Chubby Stick

Verdict : A- for both

Price: Loccitane Balm is for 700 Rs, and Chubby Sticks for about 1000 Rs a stick

Recommendation: Love the Chubby Stick for the soft color, the moisture and longevity. The Melting Honey one is very deeply moisturizing (more than chubby stick) and feels so luscious but the moisture doesn’t last as long


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