While my mum ran around inside Marks & Spencer trying to find a perfect dress for no event whatsoever (I predict the dress she bought will never come out of her closet at least for the next 2 years) , I strolled over to the neighborhood Sephora to see whats new. I really feel bad for those poor Sephora people in the Gurgaon outlet. Like literally, noone ever buys anything there. I just see people coming and Ooohing at Benefit, then “Aahing” at the price and never return. Anyway, spotted a few interesting items there and some I saw online. Thought I would put them here and see if you guys have some thoughts on them?

– Natio Tinted Moisturizer: I saw this at Sephora the other day, and after really liking their liquid liner, I thought this may ┬ábe worth a try . I tried it on my hand, the shades seem pretty dark. But the coverage seemed really nice and it moisturized the back of my hand without making it shiny. So Im intrigued, but there were hardly any reviews online so I refrained.

– Miss Claire Lip Cream : Lurving these wherever I see them, but Flipkart doesn’t have them for sale online and the only place I can buy them is Mumbai. Still, definitely something I have my eye on

– Micro Mini Beauty Blender : So this one, Iv already ordered along with the regular sized beauty blender from Amazon ! Woohoo – squidgy egg sized thingies- come to meeeee . So the Micro mini beauty blender is this tiny lime green version of the regular beauty blender and its specifically for under eye areas which I struggle with . Every makeup artist I have spoken to, loves this stuff so I am sold people.

– Nars Creamy Concealer : So many youtube vloggers swear by this, and Im putting this down on my “Get me this from the USA” list. I don’t really need it as such, but Im a bit of a concealer whore and the more the better. Only thing is – I think I want a concealer more for the face now because I have my under eye concealing woes started with my tinted eye brightener. This one seems more of an under eye thing, so if you have recco’s for nice face concealers- Comment away.

– Tom Ford Lipstick : At 6600 Rs, these cost more than 5 Mac lipsticks put together, but hey, what better way to start off 2016 than a splurge haan? Umm, ok maybe not. Too much of a splurge


– Vitamin E Face Tablets : So I was at the chemist the other day to get the 505th medicine for this godforsaken cold which doesn’t go away. Spotted these random Vitamin E tablets, and the guy said these were “Face tablets”. So they are capsules which have Vitamin E oil in them, and you break em open and mix them with whatever cream you want to, and apply them on your face. Hmm. Definitely trying.


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