When you get older there are going to be a ton of things you and your mom are going to have the exact same view point on. Clothes for your cousin brothers marriage are not one of them.  You see, both me and my sister took a trip to Shahpur Jat to finalise our outfits. When we were about 3, we have a photo of us in matching  blue dresses for my moms sisters wedding, and we wanted to kind of recreate that photo for our cousin brothers wedding  by wearing the same outfit with a little twist.

We both instantly loved this – it was pocket friendly, unique and so different! She liked the white cape top because she just delivered the cutest set of twins, and wanted something to cover the arms, and I liked the sheer cape because Zumba classes have toned my abs and arms and I wanted to flaunt them ;)  When we bought it we both knew both our moms are not going to get it , and sure enough this was their reaction.


My mom ” Kya hai yeh. Its your close cousins wedding – you will wear a threadwork ka skirt???? What is wrong with you? Find something heavy”

Her mom “High neck, matlab no jewellery?? Already itni light outfit uske upar se no jewellery”

Both in Unison “Itna dull color kyoo khareeda hai”



For a moment in the middle, we started second guessing our outfits, and they did force us to wear jewellery (which I will admit added to the charm of the lehenga in the end), but Im so glad we didn’t listen to them because SO many people came and asked us where our outfits were from !

While we were getting ready, we had already thought of the kind of hairstyles we wanted. I wanted a soft side bun, and Aarushi wanted a high ponytail, but ofcourse mummy dearest has opinions on those as well.

My mom: ” Umm, open your hair na, you look older with hair tied” (She is perpetually petrified that I will look older than my husband because he looks like a baby. Well, that he does, but I dont think I look 30 either)

Her mom: ” Yeh ponytail pouf is not correct, Its not centered”

Sigh. You just cant win with them


The cocktail was our side ka function, and I got a nice, soft bun made to the side and did my own navy blue smokey eye with nude lips. We were dancing on about 3 songs , and I am the kind of person who always remembers the steps. My sisters are not. So- there is one song where only I am doing the correct steps, they are all following the wrong person but everyone in the audience thinks that I messed up. I got off stage to get sympathy votes from people saying “You forgot na”. Arre NO . Wtf.

The funniest reaction I got – was an aunty coming to me and complementing my outfit and saying :You know there is another girl wearing what you are wearing.

Ermm… DUH we co-ordinated it Aunty,

PS: My mom actually came and said sorry to me after the function because everytime she would flip through her photos people would stop at our photo in these outfits and enquire about them so she has now agreed that she lives in a pre-historic  of what sister of the groom outfits are supposed to be and has unofficially given me stylist status for the next wedding (It’s so ironic that while I get so many queries asking for wedding style advice, the one person who REFUSES to listen is my mom)

Outfits from Salt & Spring, Shahpur Jat. Price: 28K approx

Jewellery: Uncut Emeralds Necklace part of my trousseau

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