1-DSC09494-001 Guess who is planning a trip to Spainnnn? Me me me ! It’s me, my mum and my brother (yep no hubby – for those wondering why, he is taking a trip to Amsterdam for his friends bachelor party. Ahem. Cough. Enough said). Suggestions for hotels and apartments in Barcelona & Seville are very welcome along with some must do stuff. For reference- we like architecture, food , nightlife and walking around quaint cobbled streets .

Soooo, what better than to get into the Spanish mood with some bright red lips huh. Enter Mac Relentlessy Red – If this lipstick went to a psychiatrist, it would probably be diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. At times. its this gorgeous watermelon pink, and at times its this pure red but both times its equally gorgeous.  No seriously girls, I am OBSESSED. This is my new favourite bright lipstick- it just sets off Indian skintones beautifully both medium and dusky, and looks like a stunning bright reddish pink . I do recommend that you blank out your lips with a foundation before applying this so you get the best of the color.

In terms of finish, this is a retro matte- which in normal person terms means it is dryer than the dunes of Dubai people so scrub and moisturize before hand. Having said that, it is definitely not as dry as Ruby Woo (which literally drags on my lips) and I like this color better too. Full marks to pigmentation, and this lasts 12 hours and then some so you don’t need to worry about locking lips with anyone on a night out.

FYI: The book in the pictures is “Girl Boss” – its a biography of a woman entrepreneur who went from eating from a dumpster to starting one of the largest Vintage clothing labels around ! It may not be hardcore business book, but its a fun read.

4-macrelentless6-macrelentlessred5-mac-relentless-red-lipstick7-mac-relentless-red123IMG_6385Here it looks pink


Here it looks red

Verdict: A

Price: Rs 1350/-

Recommendation: This is seriously the prettiest pink I own. Think watermelon pink with reddish undertones. Bright, gorgeous, and gives power woman vibe  without being intimidating. Love it so much. Ofcourse, it is a retro matte- so it is incredibly drying but its worth it!’

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