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We’ve talked about Bikini wax, Brazilian wax and Chocolate wax before but today let’s  go into unchartered territory and talk about stripless waxing and sugaring :) For the uninitiated, stripless waxing involves applying hard wax that can be peeled off without using cloth/ waxing strips. It is believed to hurt less than regular waxing which utilizes soft wax.

Sugaring is the completely natural, less painful sibling of regular waxing where the “wax” is essentially sugar, lemon and water. It does not bother sensitive skin and if things go sideways, can be washed off due to its water solubility. This WikiHow article explains how you can make the sugaring gel at home.

Have you heard of / tried any of these ? Was it at home using a kit or by a professional at a salon ? Tell us by commenting below :)

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