A couple of weeks back me and the boy decided, we needed a break. Not like a weekend in Jim Corbett kind of break but a break where our phones wouldn’t ring and we can have an international holiday without breaking the bank. Enter- Dubai . We took a short 3 day vacay to the city and even though most people rolled their eyes saying all there is to it is malls, we had a total blast. So follow me around !!!!


We got off our flight and  checked into our rather large room at The Gloria Hotel at about 1 pm.  The room was beautiful but we could have easily gone way cheaper and taken a smaller room because there was so much space- a kitchenette, an attached sitting room and morrreee !


We are famished. Lets go grab a bite before we head to our 5 .00 pm slot for At the Top at Burj Khalifa  !!! OMG The fiery hot shrimp at PF Changs are to die for .


Hang on, I payed some 200 dhirrums to go and see that view? Ermm. NO Thank you Id rather climb up on my buildings 30th floor and see it. No seriously, I think this was the one thing we regretted doing in Dubai. Not worth it- specially since it takes ages to be in line to get out once you are up,

These mean girl type teenagers thought Im cutting into their line and made a gesture for me to stay back in. No honey, I was actually trying to tell you your shoelace is open and you will fall flat on your face.


What’s the point of being in Dubai mall if you cant help yourself to some sinful dessert ? Whenever I spot a Magnolia Bakery I help myself to a Banana Pudding- a find I discovered when one of my readers told me about it on my trip to New York. See? Thats why I love you guys .


Day 1 and we were already exhausted but we had no time to spare so we headed straight to JBR . Jumeirah beach road- it was perfect !!! We roamed around the beach, had some sheeshah, took in the vibe, the flashy cars, ate very overrated shawarma and came back to our hotel.


Day 2 was all about Atlantis. Unfortunately I don’t have pics to show you guys, but the water park inside was AH-MAZING. Only thing- you are ONLY allowed on the rides in a swimsuit which I didn’t mind at all as I got to parade around  in my bikini . Bikini paisa vasool : Check.

We did the scariest rides here. There was this one ride, which I got talked into doing. They basically put you inside a capsule, and you are standing up, Suddenly the capsule floor  gives way and you are thrown with force into the water down below. The boy tells me he could hear my shrieks for the next five minutes.

Other thing I noticed: ONLY the Indian guys at Atlantis would stare at you if yr in  a bikini. So damn annoying.


Okay come back home after an action packed day but hey wait a second, we have to check out Dubai’s amazing nightlife.

Left: The face you make when you are  ready and the boy is taking ages because he cant find his socks. Like really, noone will be looking at your socks.

We went to this place called Barasti- it was just LOVE at first visit. So chilled out and those of you who follow me on snapchat would have known about it. There was this funny guy from UK who said something to me, and his accent was so thick I couldnt figure out what he is saying. It turned out he is asking me “Do you mind If I Spank this guys ass”- referring to some friend of his. Ermm, as long as you dont spank mine Im good my friend.



05-dubai-tri-blog-004Desert Safari time on Day 3 ! Apart from the very cheesy photos in the desert I loved the dune bashing !! It was so funnnn and I was more entertained because we shared the jeep with some korean nationals whose expressions were just to die for whenever we saw a scary dune. Made a friend- the driver was from Pakistan and put the nicest Lucky Ali music.

The Tanura dancing and belly dancing at the Safari was nice but the food was quite terrible !


The Sheesha was nice though!


That same morning- we headed to Dubai mall . Hang on a second whats with the influx of baby stores. Is this a sign???? NOT


One of my favourite things inside was a mini display of Dior’s Couture collection. Doll sized displays of high end couture gowns. What could be cuter huh? As the boy ran around the mall trying to find whatever he was trying to find, I took a leisurely stroll around this area


Finally back to food. That on the right is Key Lime Cheesecake from the Cheesecake factory. Like seriously people, MUST EAT. Die and go to heaven level.


The next morning- some more eating !!! We had an early flight but not before we would stuff in some breakfast at IHOP.

After three full days, we headed back home to work with a rather heavy heart. Dubai, you will be missed:

Hotel : Gloria Hotel (A very good cheaper alternative is Donatello Hotel- very well located)

Flight: Emirates

Desert Safari: Lama Tours

Must do things: Waterpark at Atlantis, Dubai Desert Safari , Party at Barasti, Walk around JBR  I was also told Ferarri world is great but we didn’t have enough time

Favourite hang out places: Barasti for drinks,  JBR in general

Best Shawarma: Ream al Bawadi & Al Reef Dubai but the latter is very far

Best food: Apart from the above, IHOP for pancakes and breakfast, Dynamite Shrimp at PF Changs and ermmm the rest we just picked up rolls and stuff we were always rushing.

Places to head to in Dubai Mall: I am kinda cheap when shopping abroad. I stick to New Look, Berschka , H&M, Zara . Some amazing shoe stores I spotted but I cant remember the name. New Look has the best accessories- I got flats and bags from there !


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